In 1982, a man woke up to find that his dog had been replaced by a llama. 

In 1985, residents of Alnwick, England, were startled when a 20-foot-long crocodile was found swimming in their local river. 

In 1992, an Oregon woman gave birth to twins - one was normal, and the other had two heads.

Do you believe in coincidences? Some people do, others don't. Personally, Cracked doesn't think there's such a thing as coincidence. There are too many things that happen in this world for them to be just random events. There are too many strange and bizarre things that occur every day for us to write them off as mere coincidences. So, what do you think about the following list of weird events that shouldn't have happened but did?

There are some bizarre events in our world that simply leave us scratching our heads, wondering what in the world could have possibly happened. Some of these strange happenings are so odd that they almost seem like scenes out of a movie. Here are just a few examples of some of the weirder things that have occurred on our planet. Do you believe any of them?

WEIRD WORLD A North Carolina city has been getting invaded by swarms of buzzards. To make things worse, they throw up when they're threatened, and their poop is acidic. Using loud cannons and effigies to scare them off didn't work. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD Thanks to OnlyFans, a former Atomic Kitten singer is a MILLIONAIRE again, she says. More specifically, former pop sensation Kerry Katona apparently owes her newfound fortune to people with foot fetishes, among others. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD A former Japanese prime minister said that global warming had an upside. According to Taro Aso, rice from the Japanese island of Hokkaido has become tastier thanks to (global) warming so there's that, we guess. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD In Hong Kong, a tour company launched a 5-hour bus line to nowhere. It's designed SO you can just sleep on the bus, and apparently people are into the idea: the new line's very first ride was sold out. CRACKED.COM


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