Weird World: 12 Things We’d Never Expect To Happen, But Did

Weird World: 12 Things We’d Never Expect To Happen, But Did

Reality can be weird sometimes. Sometimes, the world can be so strange it appears to be straight out of a novel. We're not discussing fairy tales, unicorns, or knights in shining armor; we're talking about the oddest, least-known events in the world.

A 1,000-year-old plant, another island brimming with lovable pets, and even a brick-printing machine Yes, many remarkable, stunning, and phenomenal things happen on earth which you would have never thought were possible.

You're probably aware that home, automobile, and health insurance are available. We sure didn’t know that alien abduction insurance was a thing? An agency in Florida can provide you with a policy for just $19.95. To date, the unique firm has acquired several policies totaling $9 million in coverage. The catch: you will need to come back to earth to be eligible to receive your claim. Best of luck with that!

Don’t even get us started on the time the Egyptian authorities stopped a robotic art spy as the border.

Here's the whole thing, plus 11 more:

WEIRD WORLD A US Jewish Orthodox community suspects two rabbis of being missionaries. The rabbis (father and son) are under suspicion of secretly being evangelical Christians who'll try to emigrate to Israel and infilitrate Israeli society. CRACKED.COM


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