Facts, by definition, are always interesting. They are a collection of data that describes some aspect of the world around us objectively. Facts can be backed up by research and evidence, making them a reliable source of information. However, facts can also be used to manipulate and mislead people. In the hands of a skilled politician or marketing executive, facts can be twisted to suit their own purposes. So it's important to be critical when consuming information and to question the motives of those who are presenting the facts. But even with all of that said, there's no denying that facts are always interesting. They give us a window into the world around us and help us to understand the complex systems that make up our Universe. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny that facts are always interesting.

Just like the Watchmen comic book series is a critically acclaimed examination of superheroes from one of the medium's most enigmatic leaders, Alan Moore, that delves into grim depravity and violence. It is also the inspiration for the font used on every child's birthday invitation. Read about it below:

THE ATARI 2600 HAD GAMES YOU COULD DOWNLOAD OVER A PHONE LINE IN THE '80s. CRACKED.COM Gameline was a dialup distributing service, wherein consumers could download a game onto Atari's proprietary cartridge. Although it was a commercial failure, possibly because of the high cost for the hardware and membership fees, it did become the business model for one of the largest internet service providers: America Online.

Source: Engadget 

GAME DEVELOPERS USED REAL ACCIDENT VICTIMS AS INSPIRATION FOR THEIR HORROR GAME. CRACKEDO COM The antagonists of EA's Dead Space, the Necromorphs, are human corpses that are reanimated by an alien infection, and are as gruesome as they sound. To get the look just right, in addition to watching numerous horror movies, developers at Redwood Shores used photos of car crash victims.

Source: Destructoid 

UMPIRES HAVE TO WEAR BLACK UNDERWEAR JUST IN CASE THEY SPLIT THEIR PANTS. CRACKED.COM Because MLB umpires are required to be in a bent-knee, squatting position for the majority of games a uniform rule was put in place in the event they have a wardrobe malfunction in front of the whole stadium: black undies only.

Source: Grunge 

THE TEMPO OF BACKGROUND MUSIC IN STORES AND RESTAURANTS INFLUENCES HOW LONG YOU STAY. CRACKEDG COM Department stores want customers to slow their roll, which keeps them in the store longer and leads to more sales, so they play slower music over the speakers. Restaurants are the opposite, they play faster music to get you to finish stuffing your face and make room for the next group.

Source: Think Growth 

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