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The Best Excuse for Wearing Baggy Pants

Yeah that explains it.


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5 Self-Destructive Ways People Accidentally Cured Themselves

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6 Natural Disasters That Were Caused by Human Stupidity

This is by no means a final list. The world's still young.


7 Secrets Only Two Living People Know (For Some Reason)

In this article are secrets that only two people on planet Earth know. Sometimes they have very good reasons to keep these secrets so fiercely. Other times, not so much.


7 Hilariously Failed Attempts at Politically Correct Toys

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5 Reasons You Secretly Want a Zombie Apocalypse

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5 Ridiculous Ancient Beliefs (That Thrive on the Internet)

It turns out the world witches and warlocks are all on the Internet. You too can cast spells upon your enemies. All it takes is a mouse-click and a "reasonable fee."


The Only Way to REALLY Kill Two Birds With One Stone

The violent origins of some folksy wisdom ....


7 Dogs That Accomplished More Than We Ever Will

Despite having a lifespan shorter than an average Mazda 626, some dogs have managed to accomplish more than most of us could ever hope to.


7 Vampires Around the World Worse Than The Ones In Twilight

It seems like every culture on Earth has some version of the vampire. And, believe it or not, they're all worse than the sparkling kind.


The 15 Most Shameless Fake Photos Ever Passed Off as Real

For as long as there have been photos, there have been clumsy and blatant attempts to manipulate them. These are 15 of the worst.