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8 Cheap Ways to Fake Being a Pro Chef

Even if you're starting from zero (perhaps especially so), here is the ultimate list of insider tools that'll make you better than Chef Boyardee.


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6 Little-Known Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

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5 Inspiring True Stories For Anyone Feeling Cynical Today

Spending too much time on the Internet is a surefire way to become hopelessly cynical, but we know there's a tiny glimmer of idealism burning away inside you. It's worth it to take some time every now and again to remind yourself that it's there.


6 Baffling Modern-Day Disasters of Biblical Proportions

The disasters that happened in the Bible tended to be weird and they just don't happen any more. (Well ... almost.)


15 Secret Business Plans of Famous Companies Revealed

If businessmen are to be believed, every successful idea started as a chart in a PowerPoint presentation. For instance, Gillette's business model must be a simple flowchart that only has one box that says


6 Fun Things About Fall (That Actually Symbolize Death)

For all of you who live in places without seasons, here's why the fall is so great: dark days, strange skies and the smoky scent of mortality mixed with fear.


The 5 Ballsiest Double-Crosses Ever Pulled Off

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6 Insane Superstitions That Are Still Shockingly Influential

Maybe you're a totally rational human being who also happens to believe in alien abductions, ghost kidnappings or yeti carjackings. That's OK. You're not alone. Why, sometimes even courts and governments blur the line between reality and bullshit.


The 5 Stupidest Ways People Try to Look Smart

No one likes seeming smart more than stupid people. Unfortunately, being stupid, they're not particularly good at conveying intelligence.


5 Secret Languages That Stuck It to the Man

We told you about how old-time criminals invented a bunch of the slang you use today. Well, turns out they aren't the only ones with their own language.


The 6 Most Spectacularly Failed Attempts to Look Cool

No one likes a showoff. Not even fate, apparently -- because every once in a while it sees fit to prick someone's inflated ego balloon with its embarrassment needle, resulting in a spectacular backfire like ...