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5 Reasons the Scariest Thing Ever Written Is a Kids' Book

Perfect for campfires and emotionally scarring your children.


6 Real Museums Straight Out of Your Nightmares

In our continuing mission to ruin your life completely, here are some museums that will have you sleeping with a nightlight for the next few years.


6 Things Every Sucker Should Know Before Buying a Used Car

I have bought and destroyed more cars than is technically allowable by the United States Government, and am therefore legally obligated to actually try to help you in this column.


5 Homemade Costume Ideas for Parents Who Hate Their Kids

In the next week, as you hear kids making greedy demands of their parents or whining about how many Snickers they should be allowed to have in a day, there's a good chance those awful children will end up in one of these suits of pure punishment.


The 6 Most Eerily Convincing Ghost Videos on YouTube

Science has found zero empirical evidence for the existence of ghosts, aliens, demons or any other supernatural creature and these videos will surely not fool an expert in video fakery. Unless he or she watches them alone, late at night, in the dark. Then they become very convincing.


5 Creepy Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened

The rational part of our brain tells us that there is nothing weird about coincidences. We're here to tell it to shut its pie hole.


5 B.S. Political Arguments You Hear Every Election Season

Look, we're not going to try to sway you on any one issue, but you should know that there are some factual points that almost everyone gets wrong.


5 Things That Have Almost Destroyed Halloween

Halloween isn't always the beacon of snack-sized Snickers and girls dressed as Kojak with cleavage that it should be. For years, nefarious little shits have been trying to have their way with it and make it awful, because some people just want to watch the world burn.


7 Horrifying Uses of the Human Body to Create Art

Here are the most insane things people have done to themselves in the name of art -- the end result may still be ridiculous and it may still be bullshit, but nobody could call these people lazy.


5 Famous Artists Who Tried to Destroy Their Own Work

For artists, it must be complete agony to see their hard-labored brainchildren banned, censored or outright destroyed -- which makes it all the more baffling when they choose to do it themselves.


So Your Clone Is Trying to Murder You

Bad news: Your clone wants to kill you. Worse news: This guide is your only hope of survival.


The 6 Most Hilariously Insane Overreactions of All Time

Even if you've never, say, pulled a gun on somebody who cut you off in traffic, you've probably only imagined yourself doing it. Not everyone is capable of such restraint.


4 Truly Scary Facts No One Tells You About Halloween

Bad news dweebs, consider this column the shitty popcorn ball in your bag of candy. With any luck, it will spoil your favorite holiday just a little bit.


5 Everyday Things You Won't Believe Are Copyrighted

Since all of human history consists of people thinking of ways to take good ideas and make them terrible, these days copyright laws have been taken to absurd extremes.