Sometimes an image is so awesome to look at that we aren't interested in the story behind it. But then there are images like these -- compiled by our loyal readers -- where the story only enhances the surrealness. The most mind-blowing photo and fact are below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by kwalish

GRAGKEDo CONT Widespread. and prolonged llooding in Pakistan during 2010 drove millions of spiders into trees to spin their webs. Nould you walk this

Entry by bazooka

CRACKED.COM The FIRE is made of LEGOs. Artist Cole Blag's piece 'The Burn' uses his first name as fuel for the plastic flames.

Entry by bazooka

POPULAR SCIENCE FROM MAGAZINE MARCH 1938 Using the barrel for a horn, an Englishman can play bugle calls on a rifle. A trumpet mouthpiece is inserted

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