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5 Modern Day Beastmasters Who You Won't Believe Aren't Dead



5 Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative

And if you try any of these, feel free to post the results in the comments. Because that's the other important aspect of being a writer: The shameless attention whoring.


The 7 Most Regrettable Tattoos Ever Received

A good rule of thumb is, if you get into an argument with a guy who isn't an actual tattoo artist, just a guy with a tattoo gun, and then he offers to tattoo you, don't do it.


The 5 Worst People You Meet When Buying a Used Car

I was looking for a used car even though I already have a very sexy and hip Honda Odyssey that brings all the supermodels to my yard. I've learned a few things.


5 Myths You Probably Believe About Famous Landmarks

As with anything else we think we know, the most basic facts about famous landmarks turn out to be mostly wrong.


5 Personality Types We Constantly Misjudge

You would think with all our judging, we'd get good at it. Nope.


6 Insane Summer Camps That Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid

What if there were summer camps where you could learn how to be a ninja? Or fly a freaking jet through the mountains of Africa?


5 Signs of a Crappy Motel They Never Show in the Pictures

Here are five mistakes to avoid when trying to fancy-up a shitty motel.


5 Things No One Tells You About Being Robbed

I left for work on a Tuesday morning the owner of two laptop computers, two external hard drives, a PlayStation 3, several video games, and a trumpet. When I returned home, I no longer owned any of those things.


6 Famous Authors Who Were Nothing Like You Expect

We tend to forget that sometimes writers just make shit up that has nothing to do with their real lives, and as a result we have an image of them that directly contradicts their actual personality.


5 Horrifying Secrets Supermarkets Don't Want You to Know

If something from your kitchen makes you sick, would you ever think to blame the grocery store? You should.


5 Mind-Blowing Cases of Mistaken Identity by the Police

t's not like any of us could just wind up in jail for looking like a serial killer. Right?


6 People Who Mixed Bad Luck with Stupidity

The world is literally up to its nuts in dummies.