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6 Important Problems That Famous Movies Forgot To Solve

Plenty of famous movies have unresolved plot points that will inevitably come back to bite the protagonist in the ass, either because the writers forgot about them or because they thought no one would notice.


5 Awesome Foreign Easter Traditions (That We Need)

Why don't we man the hell up, throw our stupid egg-hiding Easter Bunnies to the wind, and adopt some real Easter traditions?


5 Utterly Dumb Ways Stories Were Spoiled By Creators

It should probably go without saying that this article is super spoiler-y


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The 6 Deadliest Foods Ever

I sort of developed a fascination with the idea of being murdered by my dinner.


5 Awkward Things Nobody Tells You Everyday Technology Does

The Internet has long been a safe haven for people who can't deal with other humans. But it can't always work like that ...