While we're all silently -- or for the less inhibited, openly and loudly -- freaking out about things like zombie apocalypses, shark attacks, and accidentally getting hot sauce all over ones' genitals, there are real dangers lurking in the shadows ready to kill us dead.

So, here are all the things that can actually destroy you and will likely have their own movies on Syfy next year.

Entry by Alexius08

The foam in your upholstered furniture is one of the most flammable materials in your home. Burning foam kills more people in fires than any other ite

Entry by jaoafallas

Using body sprays frequently builds up butane gas in your body and may lead to a fatal heart attack OR circulatory system failure.

Entry by Maclise

Some fire hydrants hold down enough water pressure to become airborne with a little help. In 2007 a SUV crashed into a fire hydrant- the impact and th

Entry by Lunachick71

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