25 'Black Mirror' Versions Of Ordinary Stuff

Somewhere there’s a cranked-up-to-eleven version of just about everything.
25 'Black Mirror' Versions Of Ordinary Stuff

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You know that ordinary, mundane thing that you're sitting next to (or on) right now? Odds are there's a mindbendingly bizarre variant of it somewhere that you've never even heard of. MoroseGorilla suggested we have our readers do some investigating, and boy howdy, did they find some stuff.

Like ...

All of an Ayam Cemani chicken is black, even its bones and organs. A rare genetic mutation causes this. They're touted as the Lamborghini of poultry
Is this the world's smallest hippo? NOPE! It is actually a hairless guinea pig. Developed by researchers because its skin is similar to that of human
There's a species of worm that exclusively lives on icy glaciers. They ICE WORMSIO are called and will melt away when exposed to temperatures above 5C
Can't decide between foxes, wolves and deer? Luckily there's the Maned Wolf for you! It might look like a fox with stretched legs, but this beautiful
Bees can make green and blue honey. The anomaly occurred in Ribeauville, France because the bees collected remnants of colored M&Ms instead of nectar
we see BUTTERFLIES LIKE THESE ALL THE TImE. Yet we can also find the Glasswing butterfly throughout Central and South America. CRACKEDOON
No that's not photoshop, upside-down rainbows are real! Known as circumzenithal arcs this phenDmenon is caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere
CRACKEDC COM This looks like a rock, but it's a sea creature known as PYURA CHILENSIS. In Chile, it's eaten with rice and salad, or it can be cooked i
CRACKEDc COM Look, a shiny Pokemon! There is actually a rare variation of peacocks that are born all white due to a leucistic mutation.
This is a Civet Cat. it eats and partially digests coffee beans before... pooping them out. The beans are then harvested and sold as a luxury coffee f
There's lightning that shoots upward from the clouds. A gigantic jet near Hawaii This super-rare lightning is called a gigantic jet. It transfers elec
Penguin eggs remain clear when cooked! It's due in the CRAGN to a protein whites called penalbumin. They are considered a delicacy, although it is p
Rotterdam has a set of cubic houses that are tilted 55 degrees. Their design is a clever way of overcoming zoning restrictions. But, as the houses hav
You've heard of fruit trees, now get ready for fruit salad trees. Different trees/ shrubs can be grafted together to grow multiple types of fruit on t
Once upon a time in London, there was a see-through toilet. While taking a crap, you could see everything that was happening outside, but no one could
This unique flower turns as clear as frosted glass when water touches it. It's known as DIPHYLLEIA GRAYI, or the skeleton flower. You can actually see
Forget green, common grasshoppers can also be pink. While fabulous, grasshoppers with this rare color morph are easy pickings for predators, making th
The blackfin icefish can be found in the frigid waters of the Antarctic. Due to a lack of hemoglobin, it has white gills and milky, translucent blood.
CRACKED COM This is a jeepney, the Philippines' most used mode of public transport. H ACEL They're trucks owned by drivers, most of whom paint theirs
No, this isn't a leak from the next Star Wars flick. This adorable guy is an antelope from Russia, known as a saiga, one of the Earth's longest- exist
This is Rogue Beard Beer. It's brewed with wild yeast from the beard CRACKEDCONI of the brewmaster RISK* John Maier. ROrUE REGUE usw3on Beard Beer 1PT
The Theorbo is a late sixteenth century Italian version of a lute. It has a second pegbox dedicated to six ridiculously long bass strings. CRACKED COM
25 'Black Mirror' Versions Of Ordinary Stuff
This Arnold Schwarzenegger of a cOW is the Belgian Blue. The weird lumps are called double-muscling, where its back, shoulder, rump, and loin are heav
When you think of a lobster, you imagine it pink, but there are bright blue lobsters, too. The odds of catching one, however, are roughly one in two m
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