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6 Techniques For Attacking Animals With Children

Surprisingly, very little information exists regarding attacking animals with your army of children.


5 Harsh Truths That Will Make You Less Of A Jerk

Humanity is primarily defined by its inability to grasp the obvious. And it bites us in the proverbial ass way more often than we realize.


5 Things You Love That The People Who Made Them Despise

Everyone except Monty Python reveres Monty Python.


5 Shockingly Insane Conspiracy Theories About World Leaders

People of a certain mindset have always held ill will toward whichever butt is occupying the real-world equivalent of the Iron Throne.


5 Terrible Things You Learn As A School Bus Driver

The real Miss Frizzle would've let the bus run in a closed garage before dealing with those kids again.


Exploring The Deceptively Mean World Of Reaction Videos

These videos get millions of views. People are actually watching this stuff. A lot of people. Who the hell are they?


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People who network are monsters. Successful ones, though. Here's how to become one of them.


5 Ways You're Tricking Yourself Into Not Being Happy

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6 Bands That Totally Reinvented Themselves To Get Famous

Many genre-defining artists started out playing the exact kind of music their fans are required by social law to loathe.


15 Double Secret Secrets Of Big Companies & Famous Products

Is it really only about the gobs of money, gold-plated toilet seats, and chairs made out of endangered species?