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Some Make-A-Wish kids want to be in Star Wars, but not Max. No, Max wanted something a little more dangerous, and the seven-story Con Agra grain mill in Huron, Ohio was just the ticket.


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5 Evil Ways To Make More Friends

My concern is that if my friends were eaten by crocodiles or just got sick of my horrible personality, I'd have no idea how to replace them.


6 Creative Criminal Punishments So Stupid They're Brilliant

In the case of Safety Pup, making a violent criminal symbolically wear his victim as a skin suit is the kind of shit a serial killer would dream up.


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Hi, my name is Erik Germ, and I have been a thumb sucker for 29 years.


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6 Hilariously Dumb Ways Confidential Secrets Got Revealed

ISIS must maintain a massive social media presence in order to entice dumbass teenagers with a parental bone to pick to join their cause. The problem is that sometimes their selfies reveal a little too much and Ka-Boom!


6 Crime Victims Who Got Justice Through Insane Coincidences

Real crimes are sometimes occasionally solved thanks to coincidences that are so insane, it's almost as if the universe was telling the criminals that they had selected the wrong career path.