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We all feel horrified (and a little self-righteous) when somebody in power tells a blatant, pointless, public lie. But the thing is, we all tell dumb lies all the time, for really stupid reasons. Don't believe us? Have a look at all these examples our readers were able to come up with.

All these stretchers were told by functioning adults, with full awareness that they're lies, and knowing full well that they'd have absolutely no consequences.

Entry by Michael Voll

CRACKEDCO Any problems finding the place? No, your directions were perfect!

Entry by 80srocker18

CRACKEDGO COM KWBY/COUNT GRRTH BROOKS 44111 ITolS THE THUNDER ROLLS NO FENCES NO FENCES (girlfriend) Is this station ok? (me) Sure, it's fine... AIC F

Entry by 80srocker18

Even If I had a real CrAPPY day, will still lie and say that I had a great day SO that the other person won't have to feel bad for me. CRACKED COM

Entry by Erin Willis

When I need something three days before payday, I ask the clerk if I can get rid of the change that is weighing me down. 35 Do I think she won't kno

Entry by docbtbone

I lie through my teeth, literally, to my dentist. Of course brush every day doc. As if the guy with the MD in dentistry can't tell by looking. CRACK

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