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Hi, and thanks for actually reading the text of this article, unlike the hundreds of gun owners already screaming in the comments.


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6 Insane Company Handbooks You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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I Foreclose Houses For Banks: 5 Awful Realities

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5 Dumb Ways People At The Beach React To Sharks

If sharks want a piece of me, they're going to have to rip me from the cold mouths of other sharks. I will not go non-shark-punchingly into that good night.


7 Tips To Remember In The Event Of Your Kidnapping

Most of us will get kidnapped at least once in our lives, often while distracted reading a Cracked article about kidnapping tips.


The 6 Most Horrifying Pets We've Bred Into Existence

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We Hate Pandas: 6 Realities Of Life As A Zookeeper

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