Meet Quilty, The Leader Of Several Cat Shelter Jail Breaks

Meet Quilty, The Leader Of Several Cat Shelter Jail Breaks

Deep in the heart of Houston, in an animal shelter some thought inescapable, resides a cat named Quilty who yearns for freedom. Freedom not just for himself, but for his confined feline brethren. Quilty is six years old, with plenty of nine lives ahead of him, and he doesn't want to spend another second in that chicken coop unless it somehow becomes an actual chicken coop. That's why he has been busting out of that joint on the reg, and taking his fellow inmates with him.

For some months now, Quilty has been kept in a common room among the rest of the cats in the Friends for Life animal shelter. He'd asked for rubs and mark his territory, as any cat would, all the while identifying weaknesses in the shelter's Super Max security system, which consisted of a door ... and that's it. Just a door. To be fair, that should be more than enough to stop a cat. But not Quilty. To him, it was more than a door. It was hope.

All that separated him from freedom was a knob that he could easily turn in a few jumps. Quilty routinely busted himself and his cat-panions out of the room, which earned him a stint in solitary confinement. That's not a joke. They had to keep him in a room by himself so he wouldn't escape and break out the rest of the cats with him. But Quilty took his time in the hole in stride. It's a small price to pay to become a legend.

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