'The Simpsons' Looks Like Crap On Disney+, Time To Riot

Do it for ol' Gil, won't ya?
'The Simpsons' Looks Like Crap On Disney+, Time To Riot

With political uprisings happening all over the world, maybe you're thinking that you too want to enact change. But you need something big to go down to convince you it's time to put your life on the line. Well, Disney+ has screwed with the aspect ratio of classic episodes of The Simpsons, changing them from the original 4:3 format to widescreen 16:9, ruining tons of great gags. This is it. The time has come for you to pick up your favorite rioting brick and throw it through a window.

The word "revolution" does not trickle lightly from my tongue. The struggle and bloodshed weigh heavy in every syllable, every letter. But tell me, what other option do we have when they've cropped the screen so you can't tell that Duff, Duff Lite, and Duff Dry are the exact same beer? And how can one in good conscious stand idly by when Bart's head is preposterously huge?

Before we start flipping cars and flinging tear gas canisters back at the Mousetapo, we should know who are true enemies are. Disney isn't exactly to blame here. They're using the manipulated episodes from when FXX started airing Simpsons reruns in 2014. A year later, presumably fearing violent overthrow, FXX switched to showing the episodes in their proper aspect ratios. Bloodshed can be avoided if Disney+ does the same. But they better make up their minds soon, because a reckoning is coming, and it will be as gruesome as The Simpsons is on Disney+.

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