Behold The Only Non-Terrifying Use Of Deepfakes Out There

They're only going to destabilize our entire society someday, but let's have some fun.
Behold The Only Non-Terrifying Use Of Deepfakes Out There

As we barely tamp down on our existential horror, knowing that one day deepfakes will probably be the cause of a horrific misinformation campaign that will plunge the planet further into chaos, we can in the meantime find some sliver of entertainment in the dystopian technology. After all, it's now being used to show us what it would've been like if actors who missed out on iconic movie roles that actually landed those roles.

96% of deepfakes are used to create nonconsensual porn. The other 4% will be used to render obsolete thousands of "10 Actors Who Almost Played Iconic Characters" articles around the internet (and on this very site alone). It's the go-to technology for any discerning pervert who wants to digitally molest any woman he wants, but hey, at least we finally know what it would've been like if Tom Selleck had played Indiana Jones, as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg originally intended.

Did you know Adam Sandler was originally supposed to play Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz in Inglourious Basterds? It's true! And now you can see what that would've been like, while also pondering what kind of face-scrambling technology you're going to need to wear 24 hours a day so your features aren't stolen and digitally pasted onto the face of someone murdering a drifter. (Facial disguise pro tip for the year 2040: Juggalo makeup.)

Sticking with the Tarantino theme, Will Smith nearly played Django in Django Unchained. Now, thanks to deepfakes, you can watch what that would've been like, while wondering if there's someone out there right now deepfaking your face onto the head of a man or a woman getting a mailbox rammed up their ass.

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