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Creative types love to craft deep, loving histories for their characters. The wikis are literally full of them. But sometimes those back stories are inexplicably, unnecessarily dark. And it's not just the tortured vigilante types. Sometimes well-known, seemingly well-adjusted characters have stupidly dark origin stories.

For example:

Entry by PollyDarton

CRACKED COM BOOOK ROCK Frank Rossitano is a middle-aged writer for TGS, who has a lot of classic man-child qualities. This is mostly played for laug

Entry by Andrea Meno

J. Jonah Jameson grew up with his stepfather, who abused his mother and him all the time. He was a war veteran and decorated officer, and nobody suspe

Entry by PookieJones

Smurfette was created to be a honey pot to trap the smurfs. The recipe Gargamel used to bring her to life called for sugar and spice but nothing nice

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