Origin Stories That Are Over-The-Top Dark (For No Reason)

It’s actually weird that more characters don’t go the masked vigilante route.
Origin Stories That Are Over-The-Top Dark (For No Reason)

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Creative types love to craft deep, loving histories for their characters. The wikis are literally full of them. But sometimes those back stories are inexplicably, unnecessarily dark. And it's not just the tortured vigilante types. Sometimes well-known, seemingly well-adjusted characters have stupidly dark origin stories.

For example:

Rocket Raccoon's comment about unethical experiments on animals makes more sense if you read the comics. Guardians of the Galaxy His ancestors were ba
MADMAX COMA FURY ROAD te DOOF WaRRTOR was discovered in a cave with his murdered mother's severed head as his only company. Now he pays respect to her
You may remember The Chipettes as the adorable female counterparts of ALVIN AND THECHIPMUNKS Did you know they grew p in an orphanage? They were abuse
The story of how Remus Lupin became a werewolf is even more horrifying than we thought. Lupin was four years old and asleep when the werewolf broke in
Origin Stories That Are Over-The-Top Dark (For No Reason)
okeMoy When Jessie was little, her mother disappeared and she was put into a foster home. Jessie was sometimes forced to eat snow because the foster h
Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs was the sole survivor of a drive-by shooting. ! His friends that were killed possessed his body, gave him extraordinary
Huey, Dewey, and Louie are pretty much abandoned by their mother Della Duck. The reason? Their dad is admitted to the hospital after getting injured i
CRACKEDCON Goku When Goku was a little boy, he accidentally killed his adoptive grandfather Gohan, leaving him to take care of himself.
Remember the castle tower that Shrek rescued Fiona from? She was locked in there on Christmas Eve when she was 7, and spent the next 20 years inside.
CRACKED cO COM PETER RABBIT Peter's Dad was baked into a pie by Mrs. McGregor.
According to various collectible Sunken Scrolls found in Splatoon's maps, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have gone extinct d
DK When Donkey Kong was a baby, he was kidnapped from his home by evil villains.
BABAR As a child, the Elephant King witnesses his mother get shot to death by a hunter. CRACKEDCON
CRACKED COM BOOOK ROCK Frank Rossitano is a middle-aged writer for TGS, who has a lot of classic man-child qualities. This is mostly played for laug
Rogue's abilities of durability, flight, and super strength were stolen... from Carol Danvers. A young Rogue helped Mystique ambush Danvers, aka Ms. M
CRICL According to an official book... Jake Blues was Elwood Blues the son of a was abandoned woman in prison at a newspaper for murdering stand. her
J. Jonah Jameson grew up with his stepfather, who abused his mother and him all the time. He was a war veteran and decorated officer, and nobody suspe
It's no surprise that Yamask is a ghost Pokemon. But take a look at the Pokedex and you'll realize that it's a human ghost. And the mask it's carrying
AIR BUD Before becoming the star player of a middle school basketball team, Buddy was owned by an abusive party clown named Norm Snively. WMOLW KG In
Furiosa was stolen from the 'Green Place and traded to Immortan Joe to be one of his wives (read: breeder). MAD, MAX FLIRYRDAD Joe found out she was
CRACKED COM Before getting superpowers and living on Earth, SILVER SURFER lost both his parents to suicide on his utopian home planet, Zenn-La. His mo
CRACKED COM In the Star Wars universe, raiders visit Endor to hunt Ewoks for their meat. One of the favorite dishes of the Outer Rim worlds is Ewok Je
Smurfette was created to be a honey pot to trap the smurfs. The recipe Gargamel used to bring her to life called for sugar and spice but nothing nice
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