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6 Insane Ways Companies Screw Over Their Employees

Don't expect mercy from American automobile factories if you drive a foreign car.


This Article Will Explode In 5 Points

I'm no bomb expert. But I am armed with the greatest bomb defusal tool there is: the internet.


The 25 Best Prom Dresses (For Saying 'My Dad Owns The Moon')

Apparently the real goal of prom is to make everyone else at the catering hall think the dress-wearer's father is some sort of all-powerful interplanetary oligarch with limitless wealth and space capabilities.


If The Universe Played By Game Of Thrones Rules

Nobody envies the Dragon Control guy.


4 Things No One Tells You About Being Fired

When you lose a job for reasons that have nothing to do with your performance, then here are a few things to know, I guess.


9 Lame Hobbies White People Love (For Some Reason)

Conquering Kilimanjaro is not as difficult as the terrifying name makes it seem. Just take the path called the Coca-Cola route.


6 Real DNA Mutations That Make Ordinary People X-Men

When it comes to long-distance running, we easily outperform the begrudging silver and bronze medalists, the dog and the horse.


7 Phallic Food Items Ranked For Their Dongositude

Are there more pressing issues at hand in the world? I dare you to name one.


Hilariously Bad PSAs That Backfired Even More Hilariously

Sometimes health campaigns are made by hilariously out-of-touch public officials who have no idea how to talk to their audience.


21 Beloved Celebrities Who Melted Down In Spectacular Ways

If you loved 'Blade: Trinity' we have bad news: You were rarely watching Wesley Snipes onscreen.


6 Parties That Careened Out Of Control

These should make you feel better about the time you got drunk at your friend's housewarming party and decided to renovate his bathroom with a claw hammer.


5 Stupid Pieces Of Advice That People Need To Stop Sharing

The vast majority of life advice being bandied about on social media alongside hassle-free cupcake recipes is total garbage.


7 Staples Of Your Childhood That We're About To Ruin For You

The real-life Snoopy didn't have such a happy story.


4 Things Everyone Remembers Happening (But Totally Didn't)

Oh yeah, guess that didn't happen. Welp, off to therapy!