17 Unknown Secrets In Well-Known Landmarks

These dusty old landmarks are hiding some seriously cool Easter eggs.
17 Unknown Secrets In Well-Known Landmarks

Famous landmarks are strange beast. It's undeniably cool to see, like, Stonehenge or Mesa Verde or one of the Lakes They Call Great. But these places get hyped up so much, it kinda becomes one of those “anticipation beats experience” things sometimes, you know? Each year, millions of people spend wads of their hard-earned cash to travel to famous landmarks, snap a selfie, and then wonder what the hell else they're going to do until the flight back home. Maybe check out the gift shop? Buy a $30 T-shirt? Oh! Is there a hot dog stand? What do you mean the druids at Stonehenge didn't eat hot dogs? 

Well, those disappointed people are suckers. Exasperated stoner voice OBVIOUSLY, they are unaware that cool little secrets lurk inside a ton of famous places -- if you know where to look. We're talking about secret chambers, secret apartments, and basketball courts in the unlikeliest of locales. Wild stuff like ...

A luxuryapartment sits at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel had it built for himself when the tower went up, and kept it secret for a long t
There are three tiny flagpoles on the Capitol. They're used for the Capitol Flag Program, through which you can buy flags flown over the Capitol. The
Aa Irae The clock tower Harry Potter flew over has a fancy apartment. Inside the St. Pancras clock tower, there's an apartment with ridiculously high
The highest floor of the Empire State Building is reserved for a chosen few. The 103rd floor, which is so secret it's usually not listed, is only open
Disney World is hiding an abandoned island. Disney used it as a wildlife observatory, but shut it down in 1999 when they opened Animal Kingdom and mov
There's a creepy secret chamber inside Mt. Rushmore. Its sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, wanted Mt. Rushmore to have a Hall of Records, where historic Ameri
Underground tunnels criss-cross LoS Angeles. They connect downtown LA's government buildings, and they're used for moving files securely. But they've
The Washington Monument has a tiny, hidden twin. A 12-foot replica of the Monument is buried right next to it. It was built in the 1880s as a surveyor
There's a subway station under Grand Central Station. It led directly into the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, sO the well-to-do wouldn't have to mingle with t
Lake Erie lies above a massive salt mine. The mine is a three-mile-long complex that's so deep underground, fresh air has to be pumped in and miners h
A mini-scale rail network is laid under London. The London Post Office Railway is an adorable miniature underground tunnel system which, once upon a t
Under. the Lincoln Memorial, there's a cavern with dirty graffiti. The Memorial is kept up by support beams, which are in a Moria-esque underground ha
mitih Radio City Music Hall has a swaNKY apartment. Radio City built it for its first impresario, Samuel Roxy Rothafel, who had brought in a ton of
People literally used to live in New York's public libraries. Back in the day, janitors had to keep books warm and dry with coal furnaces, which neede
The Leaning Tower of Pisa contains an empty tube. The Tower of Pisa is actually a bell tower for the nearby cathedral, and there's literally nothing i
NOT 2018 HAPPY BY TOSHIBA ITO A major building in Times Square is empty. It's the building where they drop the New Year's Ball - One Times Square. The
The Supreme Court also has a basketball court. Storage space above the courtroom was turned into a gym with a basketball court in the 1940s. John Robe
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