Pop Culture That Was Ruined By Appearing In Ads

RIP: Your childhood.
Pop Culture That Was Ruined By Appearing In Ads

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We've all got characters, songs, movies, shows, and such that we're sentimental about. And it's painful to see those favorites pop up in ads for stupid crap. So rs1 suggested we all commiserate about the most childhood-ruining commercial appearances by beloved pop culture.

Here's what our contestants came up with:

Pop Culture That Was Ruined By Appearing In Ads
Pop Culture That Was Ruined By Appearing In Ads
Buv S of hninin Protpin Bars Get $5 towards WONDER One Movie Ticket to WOMAN WAS THE FACE OF THINKTHIN thinkThin PROTEIN BARS. thinkThin That's right,
The 2006 adaptation of Charlotte's Web released a series of Wendy's Kids' Meals promotional toys. Wenys Chatlotfe's Web LIMITED EDITION WILBUR COLLECT
John Mellencamp's Our Country is remembered more as a Chevy truck ad than as a call for social and political equality. Chevrolet launched its Silver
Pop Culture That Was Ruined By Appearing In Ads
Schick used Neon Genesis Evangelion characters to shill their razors in Japan. NE ick 117517 #p'n-Y Because nothing communicates close shave better
MAKE LOVE John Fogarty's NOT WAR song 'Fortunate Son': Rich, patriotic people YO start wars, but it's ND always the poor who NO VO have to fight them.
A local government in Philippines thought it would be a good idea to add Wolverine to their circumcision ad. PILAR ARANGAY OPERATION TULI LAPINASCIY A
Kermit is supposed to be a chill and friendly frog. It's very uncomfortable seeing him in a BMW commercial driving dangerously and getting road rage.
Ford had the Planeteers summon a car. Fond FOCUS inc. inc Ford's ad shows the Planeteers combining their powers, but instead of fire and water, th
At some point, the world's biggest WORLD video game got WARCRAFT desperate enough to seek endorsement from chuck Norris in an ad made of his already d
Carl's Jr. gets X-Men's Mystique to promote their X-Tra Bacon Thickburger. MAN UP The burger is so manly she has to turn into a man to enjoy it. CRACK
The awesome power of the Infinity Gauntlet was shown giving people car insurance. In a GEICO ad, the GEICO Gecko fantasizes about changing reality by
DirectTV managed to get Ellen Ripley to shill their subscription service... ...while battling the Alien Queen. CRACKED COM
Brad Pitt's brother, Doug Pitt, helped recreate Se]en's ending in an ad for Mother's Brewing Co. SPECIAL SPECIAL MO HERS RELEASE RELEASE NCEM It's com
DirecTV's ad made Kirk act likE an obsessed consumer. Kirk refuses to raise shields when a Klingon ship appears, saying Chekov (who asked to do it) sh
Using Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction to sell insurance should be breaking some kind of law. But that's just what Direct Line did in a series of TV ad
portal from feeboek Reovires internet Faoebook or wthteano THE MUPPETS TAUGHT US TO COUNT. SADLY, THEY'RE NOW TEACHING US TO LET FACEBOOK INVADE OUR P
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