19 Things The Internet Ruined

19 Things The Internet Ruined

Today's culture has become incredibly dependent on technology and many of us are more or less totally unable to function without it. We use the internet frequently and have become so acclimated to it that we are unaware of its impact on our lives. Without a doubt, the internet has been a benefit to us by allowing us to communicate with the rest of the planet with relative ease.

Unfortunately, people can also thank the world wide web for things like low-cost flights, internet ordering, as well as memes. However, there is a drawback to such technological innovation, as with all positive points. It turns out we can't have lovely things once it comes to the internet. 

The fact is, the internet has ruined a lot of stuff. For example, we couldn’t believe how mobs of organized trolls basically ruined Rotten Tomatoes.

So get on up and keep on scrolling down and consider the following wild facts:

Entry by Maclise

Pokemon GO players damaged a historic Revolution-era fort. Fort Phoenix was the site of the first Revolutionary War naval battle, and in 2016 attracte
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