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The 6 Most Mind-Blowing (and Pointless) Gaming Achievements

Real dedication means going past hard mode and thinking way, way outside the box.


5 Ways 'Borderlands 2' Is a Remorseless Addiction Machine

For the most part, when we refer to a game's 'addictiveness,' we mean it as a positive thing. Of course, the definition becomes blurred when Borderland 2 enters the picture.


5 Famous Video Game Villains (Who Are Actually the Victim)

It's never clear how video game bosses ascended to their positions. We just kind of go with it and find the shiny spot we're supposed to shoot. But you can't help but feel sorry for some of these guys.


If Video Game Characters Had Free Will

What if video game characters weren't just puppets that had to do what your controller told them? What if one day they decided they were tired of being bossed around?


7 Video Game Easter Eggs Designed to Screw With Your Head

Some Easter Eggs have no discernible purpose other than making the player question their sanity.


The 6 Worst Ideas Nearly Included in Great Video Games

Cutting scenes from games isn't so easy, so the code is usually lurking around in there for you to find, if it's not sitting right out in the open in some early or foreign edition of the game. This can lead to some bizarre discoveries ...


If Every Video Game Side Character Got Their Own Franchise

TV shows and movies have never been shy about spinning new franchises off of supporting characters. We asked you to show us what it might look like if video games did the same.


The 7 Most Horrifying Moments from Children's Video Games

We know that video games are not, by their nature, strictly for children. But that's why we have a rating system for them. Of course, sometimes that's not enough to stop the unnatural, keening screams coming from inside the house.


If Video Game Universes Made PSAs

Public Service Announcements are still somehow the best we've got for teaching people how not to harm themselves, or at least for educating normal people how dumb people are harming themselves. We asked you to show us what they'd look like inside video games where the world is often actively trying to kill us.


The Baffling Plans of Famous Video Game Villains, Charted

No bad plan can ever approach the convoluted strategies employed by video game villains.


The 6 Craziest Ways Creators Hid Themselves in Video Games

When we're playing video games, we don't really think much about the people who make them. So maybe it's no surprise that game developers come up with devious and quite frankly insane ways to insert their faces in hidden spots of the game.


The 6 Most Absurdly Difficult Video Game Puzzles

Here are the men responsible for the thousands of innocent deaths of video game controllers.


21 Video Game Villains Who Secretly Had Good Intentions

It's kind of like that old man with the shovel in 'Home Alone.'


7 Amazing Video Games We'll Never Get to Play

To any game developers who may be reading: You can take any of the ideas presented in this column, just as long as you don't make another Call of Duty game.