'Silent Hill 2' Has A Dark Easter Egg Hiding In Angela's Backstory

'Silent Hill 2' Has A Dark Easter Egg Hiding In Angela's Backstory

As we've previously covered, the true horror of Silent Hill 2 lies much deeper than just its monsters regardless of size, viscosity, and sometimes even their weird sexiness. Full disclosure ahead: this piece will cover things ranging from child sexual abuse to suicide, so perhaps readers dealing with trauma looking for horror content should instead go with something only unintentionally horrifying, something like the Resident Evil movies.

The first character we come across in Silent Hill 2 is Angela Orosco, a young woman looking for her mother. Despite being a side character, Angela has a story even more messed-up than the one they came up with for the main character. Angela is constantly depressed and suicidal as a result of the constant physical and sexual abuse he was constantly subjected to by her father and brother. The game's visuals reflect this, but they also give out sneaky visual cues that it was even worse than what she describes. Silent Hill 2 puts its characters in a personal purgatory of sorts called “otherworld.” The main character, James, has to face the corrupted versions of places he's been in with his wife. The most personal of places probably being the Brookhaven hospital because he's dealing with the guilt of having murdered his sick wife.


To Angela, however, her “otherworld” is a room with holes on the walls that strange tin can-like things enter and leave as a likely reference to rape.


Angela's psychological torture room in Silent Hill 2 is called the “abstract daddy's room,” which we hope is just the result of poor localization. This is the kind of messed-up symbolism that, combined with all the other things in the game, is likely to go unnoticed for the younger player but certainly won't go over the heads of adults.

And it somehow manages to get even worse.

Does Angela end up meeting her mother? No, and there's no reason she should have because, throughout her entire life, Angela's mother told her she was deserving of all the suffering that she'd gone through. Unlike the other characters in the game, like the main character who's paying for his murder, Angela is an innocent who's re-experiencing a heightened version of all of her past sufferings because.. well, because she just can't catch a break. Unlike the main character, whose story has many possible endings – one even involving aliens, the only solace provided to Angela by the titular town is that of death.


And not even a painless one, at that.

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