What We Want From The Just-Announced 'Witcher 4'

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What We Want From The Just-Announced 'Witcher 4'

CD Projekt Red just announced the development of a new game in the Witcher series, which means it's time to take a little break from the nonstop fun we've all been having with Cyberpunk 2077 to google that and find out if that's a big series or something. In all seriousness, everyone is and should be filled to the brim with joy at the idea that we could be getting something that does for the current gaming landscape what The Witcher 3 did back in 2015. That's especially important after the disappointing Cyberpunk 2077, but also unlikely. Regardless of the jokes we've made at the expense of the company, it's clear they tried to come up with something groundbreaking. After such a failure it's only natural that they'd try to go for something safer, and that would suck. While we'd all be sold at the prospect at “Witcher 3, but bigger-er”, we should all want something new, something fresh. The path for that involves not being assholes to the devs and offering only constructive advice while giving the company all the space they need to come up with their game. 

One of the things we know so far is that CDPR will leave their own engine, REDengine, and join the swaths of companies using Unreal Engine 5. Many-a-joke could be made about how that's a good idea because Cyberpunk is a technical disaster, but we're done with that. Also, CDPR's in-house engine served The Witcher 3 pretty well, so won't be a magical fix to all problems. The other thing we've learned is how the new game will mark the beginning of an entirely new saga. Whoa, we might be looking at a brand new cast of characters, maybe a time skip far into the future, like to a time when witchers use guns and cybernetic implants – but hopefully not.

So what do we really want from The Witcher 4?

The best way of kickstarting a new saga would be to make it Ciri's. Hell, that's exactly what the best ending in The Witcher 3 sets up.

One thing we can expect, given how Geralt has been getting sexier with each game, is that nu-Geralt will magically begin looking just like fan-favorite Henry Cavill.

Geralt Henry Cavill mod

CD Projekt Red

Are you sure he didn't look like this the entire time?

And while probably no one would have a problem with that, it's very important that CDPR doesn't fall for the trap of trading their awesome cast of voice actors for a bunch of famous names – as Hideo Kojima did. That's one of the things they really should keep from The Witcher 3.

The aspect of Witcher 3 that gets less love from fans is its combat, which many say is over-simplified. We, therefore, challenge the team to come up with an awesome combat system, one that's not a direct rip-off from, well, the eldenphant in the room.

Another very important cue to take gameplay-wise would be not necessarily to cut content but to make things more accessible. While this game should stay true to its essence, there are many lessons to be learned from Elden Ring when it comes to not overcomplicating stuff. Witcher 3's menus aren't terrible, but they aren't smooth sailing either. Make combat more challenging, make navigating menus less of a challenge.

Witcher 3 combat

CD Projekt Red

It still needs to look this cool, though.

As for the story, consider making it a personal affair that's more like the stellar Blood and Wine DLC, less like the main quest from The Witcher 3. CDPR are the ones announcing this is the beginning of a new saga, but this is a pretty established series, so we don't need to be blowing up any death stars right away (again).

Last but not least, we hope that the company will finally provide their devs with the necessary working conditions to complete this project without losing their minds.

Top Image: CD Projekt Red

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