Henry Cavill Continues To Be Our Best Nerd Celeb

Perhaps the perfect nerd-jock hybrid
Henry Cavill Continues To Be Our Best Nerd Celeb

Too many Hollywood productions are filled with hackers played by people you just know are too hot to have ever sat at a computer and characters who are supposed badasses played by people you get the feeling you could totally destroy in a fight. The solution to these casting problems is simple: Henry Cavill. You know he's a nerd because he nearly missed out on playing Superman because he was raiding in World Of Warcraft, and you know you shouldn't pick up a fight with him because he's so jacked he has to cock his arms as if they're actual guns. Studios have taken notice, forcing him to play every single main role in nerd films, and the guy still has nerdmanship left to give. In case you haven't noticed, or don't want to admit it, Cavill also played the main role in the lockdown's sexiest movie scene.

Geralt having a bath


And it wasn't this.

I'm talking about that time he bought a gaming PC and assembled it in front of our eyes. Yeah, that's it, just a guy assembling his PC. He wasn't even naked or anything.

Henry Cavill building his gaming PC

Henry Cavill

And yet, something about this still feels NSFW.

On top of all the accidental sexiness, the dude is really good at this electronic Ikea stuff.

And just last week he showed even more proof that he's definitely the best choice to play *insert your custom RPG hero's name here* by just casually showing up at the UK headquarters of Games Workshop the company behind Warhammer, a nerd game that, you guessed it, Cavill is a lifetime fan of. Out of nowhere, the visit seemingly turned into some sort of holy apparition to everyone who was lucky enough to be there.

Thank you, Henry Cavill, for showing us ultra attractive and ripped men that we don't need to resort to just having immense amounts of athletic sex on our spare time.

Top Image: Netflix

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