'Elden Ring' Players Hack The Game (To Unlock Secret Underwear)

Don't expect the great stats you'd get from the classic minimalist female JRPG armor.
'Elden Ring' Players Hack The Game (To Unlock Secret Underwear)

Masters of Elden Ring are already breaking the game in every imaginable shape and form in order to beat it, so it should come as no surprise that people who've led expeditions to the heart of Final Fantasy XV's code to retrieve Shiva's nudes are already scouting the hot new game for all sorts of lewd material – and succeeding in their horny quest. This time, the retrieved treasure are the panties worn by Fia, the nice lady who just wants to hold players in a gentle embrace (while secretly stealing their delicious life essence). How did players find out know she was wearing underwear that they could steal? Well, because they'd hacked the game to unlock the camera and use it to go through poor Fia's clothes. Yes, that's terrible and yes, we can show it to you.

Fia's underwear

Bandai Namco

However, while players can get most of Fia's set just by playing the game even in a non-horny way, her panties are meant to forever remain off-limits. Nobody knows why it is that way, but it might have resulted from a combination of the inherent risquéness of the design and the amount of time Western audiences have forced creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to spend in horny jail. Whatever the case, players have found cheat codes that grant access to Fia's panties, and even though their design is too good to be hidden inside the code, their name makes it abundantly clear that there are at least a few things Miyazaki doesn't want players lusting over.

The dark name of Fia's underwear

Bandai Namco

On a completely unrelated note, what do you think he meant by this?

Gamesradar headline that we shouldn't be looking too deep into


Let's work on that mystery while we count the days until someone opens a black market for forbidden Elden Ring underwear.

 Join us next time when we teach you how to upgrade your recently acquired panties.

A fun use of one of the gestures in the game

Bandai Namco

Top Image: Bandai Namco


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