Reminder: The Original “Doom” Game Was Set In March 2022

Isn't it just the best time to be alive?
Reminder: The Original “Doom” Game Was Set In March 2022

In 2021, we lived through the inevitable death dates of the replicants from the original Blade Runner. It's always reassuring for a writer to see that even the great sci-fi visionaries of old could miss having the foresight to set their incredible techno-marvelous tales more than a mere 30 years after their times. Do yourself a favor and try to imagine something more beautiful than an ‘80s genius going “Holy shit, things are going to be so different in the very distant year of 2002!” Now that humankind has mostly been able to crawl to March of 2022, we can finally share the certainly not foreboding news that we've finally reached the beginning of the timeline of the DOOM series.

artwork for the original DOOM

Bethesda, Telamon618

Take a deep breath and answer this:  Does it really look that much worse than dying by pandemic, Russian invasion, or climate collapse?

The funniest part, however, is that the developers of the original DOOM at id were actually smarter than the greatest sci-fi writers ever because they tried to make sure that DOOM didn't actually take place in any specific place in time. They wanted DOOM to be Eternal timeless. John Romero, DOOM's level designer and overall awesome anti-war dude has confirmed that the supposed date of March 2022 had nothing to do with the company. That's actually the result of some meddling of the highest order perpetrated by a rogue manual writer who was probably hellbent on putting a serious dent in the company's reputation 30 years later.

In any case, Romero also went on to say in the coolest possible way that we shouldn't let that deter us from some cool demon-slaying activities.

And if that's exactly what you want right now, consider dishing out a cool $5 to acquire “One Humanity”, Romero's brand new level for the original game. 100% of the proceedings will go towards Ukrainian relief funds.

Top Image: Bethesda 

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