6 Things You'll Find at Super Nintendo World Hollywood

6 Things You'll Find at Super Nintendo World Hollywood

Hold onto your princesses, Super Nintendo World is coming to Hollywood. We’re losing our minds with excitement waiting for the 2023 opening of the Universal Studios Hollywood location. Our frothing, rapid anticipation needs an outlet, so we’ve rounded up a list of 10 things you’ll find at the park when it finally opens. If you can’t wait until 2023, grab a plane ticket and head to Super Nintendo World Japan or if you hate going to California or legally cannot leave Florida, you can wait until the Orlando location opens, most likely in 2025.

And with that, Let’s-a Commence.

Universal Studios / Nintendo

It's a-him.

Little Marios and BIG MARIOS. Universal has confirmed that you’ll be able to get your greedy mitts on plushies of the most iconic Mario characters in all different sizes. Trust us, you’re going to want a massive Yoshi for your office. You’ll also be able to cop Mario, Bowser and Luigi in an array of sizes, but still no word on whether you can take home a Wario plushie. Waaa.

Universal Studios / Nintendo

No longer a forbidden snack.

Food shaped like sentient characters. At the already open Japan location, you can power jump your way (or regular walk) into Toad’s Cafe, where they serve a wide variety of tasty looking Mario themed treats. Disturbingly, some of the food is shaped like Toad himself, but that’s not going to stop us. Better bring your appetite for the weird because the new location will have themed food… and most of it is probably going to have eyes. 

Universal Studios / Nintendo

You are the kingdom's only hope.

Mario Drip. Red is your color honey. And you can get that head to toe plumber drip even before the park opens. Universal Studios Hollywood announced a Super Nintendo World takeover of its Feature Presentation store coming soon. Snag some Luigi shirts or an iconic red hat and let people know you’re a real fan while we all wait for 2023.

Universal Studios / Nintendo

I'm gonna ride this until they physically kick me out.

At least one ride. It’s a theme park so we all know the real reason to get a ticket: the THRILLS. Super Nintendo World Japan features rides based off of classic Mario favs like Mario Kart and riding around on the world’s most punchable dinosaur Yoshi. Which attraction will come to the Hollywood location is not confirmed, but as the park is aimed at being family friendly, it probably won’t be a high speed roller coaster.

Universal Studios / Nintendo


Trippy colors. If you’re looking for an… enhanced experience of the park, you’ll have a good time. Just like these psychedelic loving celebs, you can live your life in full blown awe at the park. The larger than life decorations will give park-goers a fully immersive feel of being transported into a Mario game, with bold recognizable colors, friendly shapes and plenty of rounded edges so you don’t freak out.

Universal Studios / Nintendo

Dust off those knuckles, it's punchin' time.

Interactivity. You can buy your way to happiness with the power up bands which will let guests interact with parts of the park in the Japan location. Since the Harry Potter zone of Universal Hollywood already has purchasable wands which let you interact there, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to get the Peach, Toad, Mario, Luigi, Daisy, or Yoshi bands at the new location. These bands enable you to collect coins and keys and battle enemies at the park. Living your best Nintendo life, you can even punch a question mark block and hear it ding! But seriously, give us Wario bands or we riot.


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