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The 6 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Video Game Design

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The 5 Most Unreasonably Difficult Video Game Puzzles Ever

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4 Ethical Video Game Reviews for a Post-Gamergate World

I felt the need to jump feet first into Gamergate the only way I know how: By giving gamers exactly what they crave so as to finish this silly back-and-forth once and for all.


The 6 Creepiest Sex Scenes in Video Game History

Watching video games try to be sexy is like watching a dog try to eat peanut butter. There's clearly a lot of enthusiasm there, but the result is simultaneously hilarious and sad.


The Insane Stories Implied by 4 Misleading Video Game Covers

Box art is supposed to give me a rudimentary idea of what I'm going to be getting myself into before I play the game. A lot of times, I had no idea what in the holy hell I was looking at.