The Bizarre Netflix 'Resident Evil' Tv Series Looks Good, Actually

This could be the best live-action Netflix video game adaptation yet (though that's not saying much).
The Bizarre Netflix 'Resident Evil' Tv Series Looks Good, Actually

We were eagerly anticipating the trailer for the Netflix Resident Evil tv series, but our readers need to know that we weren't doing it because we thought it would turn out to be a riveting piece of art. We actually wanted to list all the ways in which this absolutely bizarre adaptation that stars the made-up daughters of Albert Wesker, one of the cheesiest villains in video game history, deserves to enter the hall of shame that all other Resident Evil adaptations already reside in. We even wrote a piece about that in preparation for the show, but Netflix may have ruined our plans, as it actually looks pretty dang cool.

The first cool thing we need to point out isn't even something we can see. Lance Reddick is awesome, everyone loves him, and yet the people behind this are so confident in what they have that the trailer barely even shows him. Moreover, the series does seem to stray as far as possible from the games and actually goes after the one cool part about the films. We're obviously talking about roundhouse kicking zombie dogs in the face that creepy-ass underground facility where they created the T virus in the first film.

Possible Umbrella's new mascot

Netflix, Capcom

Can't wait to see this redesigned Red Queen completely lose it and cut everyone up with lasers.

In all seriousness, it looks great. None of the shots looks cheap.

A sweet post apocalyptic London

Netflix, Capcom

The post-apocalypse has never looked so good in Resident Evil. Yes, we're looking at Resident Evil 3: Extinction, that movie where the planet turns into a desert because the virus somehow dried everything up.

Some of the shots even look straight-up artsy.

Artsy shot featuring the cool shadows of many zombies

Netflix, Capcom

Also, and this is very important, it doesn't look like they'll shy away from gory goodness.

Awesome real(istic) blood

Netflix, Capcom

A tv series that doesn't just use that bland-ass CGI blood? In this economy?

Anyone not immediately hyped by that should go and rewatch the trainwreck that is the trailer for Welcome To Raccoon City, Resident Evil's latest big-screen adaptation.

And the movie itself didn't turn out much better.

In the end, we doubt that this is the series that'll break the video game adaptation curse and achieve greatness (some would even argue that League Of Legends' Arcane already did that), but we can't say we're not hyped after such a long string of failed Resident Evil adaptations. We like that they're meddling with the formula, and if there's anything we've learned from the plot of Resident Evil, it's that experimenting is good.

Top Image: Capcom

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