'Street Fighter''s Fei Long May Not Return Because Bruce Lee's Family Finds Him Disrespectful

A sad ending to the most heartfelt tribute we've ever seen.
'Street Fighter''s Fei Long May Not Return Because Bruce Lee's Family Finds Him Disrespectful

Bruce Lee is such a respected martial artist that there are a lot of people online arguing that he could probably beat Mike Tyson. Though that might sound just crazy, we actually do agree that he could – though mainly because Tyson was like 4 years old by the time of Lee's Death. Lee's popularity never declined, so it should come as no surprise that the multiverse of fighting games features plenty of iterations of the Jeet Kune Do master. The Street Fighter series' version of Bruce Lee is Fei Long, an equally ultra-popular character who's been sorely missing ever since 2014. We could have easily attributed his absence to Street Fighter's recent streak of just not giving players what they want, but we have just learned that he has left for a much weirder reason. In a very recent interview, The composer of Street Fighter V revealed that it's Lee's family that's not happy with comedic versions of Bruce Lee, and he believes that's the reason why Capcom has decided to just let him rest. 

Hats off to Capcom for respecting the family's wishes, but they don't seem to make much sense. Look, we completely understand Lee's family not being happy with Quentin Tarantino's hack job of portraying Lee in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, that film about ‘60s nostalgia that Tarantino just isn’t old enough to feel.

We even get them not wanting to see Lee's likeness in any kind of media for whatever reason -- even though the idea of Bruce Lee getting kicked in the balls inarguably represents top comedy,

Paul and Law sparring in Tekken Tag Tournament's ending


but that's Marshall Law from Tekken, not Fei Long from not Street Fighter. Yeah, the big problem here is that Fei Long isn't a comedic depiction of Lee, he's a serious character and one of the best tributes anyone could ever hope for.

Fei Long's Shyenkyaku


One could perhaps even argue that Capcom is overselling Lee's abilities.

 He's great not just in the games, but in the Street Fighter (animated) films as well. We can clearly see all the love and effort that was put into animating the character.

If anything, we could point out that he doesn't sound much like the actual Lee, but after so many awful impersonations, can we even list that as a bad thing?

Top Image: Capcom


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