Everything We Know About 'Street Fighter 6' (Looks Bad)

Everything We Know About 'Street Fighter 6' (Looks Bad)

In the 2010s, Capcom, the company behind Street FighterResident EvilDevil May Cry, and so many other mega-hits, thought it wise to entrust the development of their biggest titles to outside companies of dubious ability. The result was a slew of games of such average-to-poor quality that fans started referring to the once Japanese titan as "Crapcom." The company has recently gotten back on track, which in combination with today's huge reveal of Street Fighter 6 probably got fans all hyped. That's awesome; too bad it probably only lasted up until they pressed play on the teaser.

The first problem is the logo, which is awful by itself but just baffling when compared to the awesomely stylized logos from previous games in the series.

If that looks too formulaic, that's because it literally is. Instead of coming up with a new edgy-ass logo, or even a lame-ass-but-still-original one, it looks like Capcom seemingly got a premade $80 one from an asset store and modified it slightly. While still a better move than James Cameron straight up appropriating Papyrus font on all Avatar-related material, this is still incredibly lazy.

It barely looks any better than a goddamn Discord notification.

Speaking of logos, what's Luke's thing with having his logo become more and more like if Whataburger sponsored Van Halen?

Luke and his whataburger-looking shirt


I mean, he's American so fighting for the sake of burgers is laudable, but Whataburger?

We can't have Street Fighter 6, the latest game in the biggest series of fighting games of all time, be this close to being an asset flip. If this is the effort they put into the easiest and most noticeable thing in the game, how will they deal with the more complicated stuff, like the graphics, for example?

I don't necessarily have a problem with Ryu looking like topless Kylo Ren; I have a problem with the game's shift towards a more realistic look. That teaser looks just like what Tekken was doing.. back in '05.

Street Fighter games started off looking like cartoons, doubled down on the aesthetic by getting an actual anime adaptation, then kept a cartoony look even after making the jump to 3d – and it always looked great. Street Fighter shouldn't be following the Tekken devs. They should be making the Tekken devs cry in despair for knowing they'll never be able to keep up. The only way a more realistic take on Street Fighter will work is if they manage to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the Street Fighter movie.

Street Fighter the movie ending shot


I mean I haven't seen it, but Tekken fans tell me it's great!

Top Image: Capcom


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