Street Fighter 6 Fan Theory: New Character Leaked In Comic

Pietra lookin' mad Brawny (Paper Towels).
Street Fighter 6 Fan Theory: New Character Leaked In Comic

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Especially one that will be publicly solved within a few months. With every new installment in the Street Fighter series, we get some new punching and or kicking folks to absolutely dominate our friends with. Street Fighter 6 already has fan conspiracy theories swirling around it’s trash logo. All we know from the cryptic trailer is that Ryu is lookin’ massively wide. He’s gone full Kylo Ren and fans are here for it. Also confirmed in the trailer is new character Luke, he looks less wide than Ryu, but way more jaunty. We’ll probably see some familiar faces//silhouettes like Chun-Li as well. But what we really want to know is who are the new kids on the block? Thanks to free comic book day, some fans think they’ve figured it out.


Lookin' so strong. Loving the small axe on a thigh strap aesthetic.

Meet Pietra. She’s brawny, she’s burly, and she’s ready to beat down any challengers. When we say brawny, we mean big and strong but we also mean she’s lookin’ real similar to the Brawny Paper Towel man. Looks like he and Rogue from the X-man may have gotten freaky somewhere in the multiverse and Pietra is their cocky, ripped as hell love child. 

Pietra was debuted on Free Comic Book Day in the comic Street Fighter Legends. Fans are clamoring for more info on the character. Some believe that Pietra’s appearance was a stealthy character debut teasing a new fighter in SF6. She goes toe to toe with bad boy Blanka and holds her own. But haters like to point out that the character was developed by comic company UDON as far as we know. 


Kylo Ryu-n might have to battle this Lumber Lady.

Theories that Pietra is Canadian have also got some fans very hype, pointing out that Canadians are underrepresented throughout gaming, which is hilarious but also true. As an American, I don’t feel too bad for you. Also can I haz healthcare pleaze?

Street Fighter 6 is due later in 2022 and we’ll have to wait to see if Pietra cleans up as a character or if she’s just stuck on the page of the comics for now. If the game is as bad as it looks, it’s going to need all the burly lumberjack help it can get.


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