The Lost 'Duke Nukem Forever' Is Real And Could Release Soon

Let's look at the bright side: it can't be worse than the one we already have.
The Lost 'Duke Nukem Forever' Is Real And Could Release Soon

Back in 2001, the devs at 3D Realms used E3 to unleash a neat trailer for Duke Nukem Forever. It looked pretty cool (because Halo hadn't come out yet), but the only thing that would end up lasting forever was the wait for a new good Duke Nukem game. Yeah, Duke Nukem Forever ended up coming out in 2011 after a ridiculous 15-year development cycle that had the team scrapping the whole thing numerous times, but the end result ended up sucking so much that fans kept wanting to see the games that got canceled because that way maybe they could find something salvageable.

News just hit 4chan, the Duke Nukemiest place on the Internet, revealing that someone had managed to exhume the very build shown at E3 2001, something that is naturally getting a lot of 40-year-young players very hyped.

Because the hard part of making something that looks like ‘01’s Duke Nukem nowadays is making something that doesn't accidentally look much better than ‘01’s Duke Nukem, many doubted the legitimacy of the game, but people who've actually worked on it have already stated that it is the real thing.

The leaker showed gameplay that takes place in a strip club that has caught fire (or maybe that's how all strip clubs are all the time in the hell world that Duke inhabits) and it might not look impressive by today's standards – or by the standards of its time, really, but Duke doesn't harm anyone other than cops and doesn't “accidentally” let out any racial slur, so this is actually progressive where it counts the most.

3D Realms

We weep just from thinking how much society would have learned from this.

The mysterious leaker threatens to unleash not just the demo shown above but the entire leaked build upon the unsuspecting rest of the world by June 2022.

Top Image: 3D Realms.

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