Konami Prevents 'Metal Gear Solid V' Players From Getting The Good Ending

Konami Prevents 'Metal Gear Solid V' Players From Getting The Good Ending

Fans have spent countless forum pages on a failed quest to agree on the greatest villain in the Metal Gear Solid series. Could it be Ocelot, the thug that grew into the final boss? Could it be Liquid Snake, the character that Hideo Kojima clearly regrets having killed off in the first game because he kept on bringing him back at every chance that he got? Is it society? No. It's Konami, the people who made own the game. We say this not in the sense that they're awful people (they are), but because they're actively keeping everyone from reaching a happy conclusion – they are the series' actual final boss.

Nuke in MGSV


Pictured: Konami protecting their nuclear-grade spite

Death Stranding is the first game where Kojima successfully had players worldwide helping each other to reach a common goal, but that's not the first time he tried to have that in a game. We've previously talked about how Kojima envisioned Metal Gear Solid V's online portion to feature a challenge where players could come together to disarm all nuclear weapons in the world of the game. That unbelievably unlikely achievement would result in a neat cutscene that every player would have had a part in making a reality.

Successful Nuclear Disarmament


Just getting to see this would've been neat enough.

Many players banded together in an attempt to get it done, but they were only ever able to reach the disarmament message through hacking the game. We originally thought that this was because evil prevented the good guys from winning, but it turns out that it was Konami blocking their progress all along. The group leading the charge for nuclear disarmament is called “the anti-nuke gang”, and their spokesperson is a man called Hung Horse (we know what our readers are thinking, but is it really that much worse than Solid Snake?). Mr. Horse tells us that even though they managed to disarm all active nukes – an incredible achievement considering nefarious players could use cheats that spawned 16 new nukes at once, they were still unable to disarm inactive nukes. These are nukes that were rendered inaccessible because they are bound to players whose accounts have been banned. Are the "Phantom Nukes" intentional on Konami's part? We don't know, but it would make perfect sense since they made it clear that they hate the game and everyone who worked on it.

 Either way, it's just hilarious that we even get legitimate grounds to speculate on such a thing. Whatever the case may be, we invite everyone to see the ending Konami doesn't want anyone to see:

Top Image: Konami


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