5 Games With Ridiculous Troll Moves (We Love To Hate)

5 Games With Ridiculous Troll Moves (We Love To Hate)

Many players are just one clever discovery away from becoming the Darth Sidious of online gaming until the day their ban inevitably comes. Having to accept you just got killed by a crate filled with stuff meant to save players might feel bleak in the moment, but in no time, you will be laughing your ass off, so you might as well get in the Trollercoaster ...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Becomes Wild Wild West 2

Rockstar games allow for a lot of customization, which is the same as saying that they give trolls way too much power. In GTA V, when they aren't using satellite laser beams to kill anyone online, they're killing people who are playing the single-player campaign. In Red Dead 2, there's no hi-tech gear (yet?), so trolls turn to what seems like black magic. Like how they can seemingly invoke numerous animal carcasses to glue onto the unsuspecting, turning them into something arguably uglier than your average outlaw.

Rockstar Games
"Yeah, it's still me, Will Billiamson420x."

They can also turn players into a mission briefing from a version of Mission: Impossible directed by Michael Bay.

Rockstar Games
We choose to believe this was a fart lighting mechanic abandoned midway through development.

Players who got into Red Dead in the hopes of getting e-rich should tread carefully, as trolls have filled the game with fake chests that'll get whoever opens them banned. And don't you go showing off your riches, as hackers can simply bypass the entire chest shenanigans to drain your wallet a dollar at a time.

And right when you're left with no money in your pockets, but still a smidge of dignity left ... is when they summon two-headed skeletons to beat that shit out of you.

Rockstar Games
Go back to Dark Souls, you are both drunk.

And the best of all is how no one is going to believe the victims because the trolls even found ways to frame players and get them banned instead.

Troll Recruits Numerous Members To Bloodborne's Unwitting Suicide Cult

Bloodborne is home to some of the most literally assholish players in online gaming history. No, seriously. Ever expected an enemy crawling out of a pig's ass to kill you? Yeah, that can happen.

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Hey, look; it's Twitter discourse.

Like all titles in the Souls series, Bloodborne features a variety of covenants --- the old English word for online gaming clan -- that players can join. Some covenants exist to hunt down other players, some to help them, etc. Then there's the covenant of Patches the Spider, which doesn't belong in any category because a devious player made it up.

Despite being a real character, Patches the Spider has no covenant in the game. He's just in the game as a reference to an infamous recurring NPC in the Souls series whose sole purpose is to trick players into falling off cliffs. The Patches in Bloodborne seems to have a bit more trouble luring people into its trap, so Corps Peau Rate decided to give it a ninth helping hand. To enter the imaginary spider patches covenant, players just needed to get suspiciously close to the edge of a cliff. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sometimes they need a little extra guidance.

This triggers a cutscene where the spider will push them to join not a cult but a pile of corpses way down below.

The Surprisingly Hardcore World Of Truck Simulator

Trucking simulators have a surprisingly large player base and even enjoy a rather large audience on Twitch. Euro Truck Simulator 2 was originally a single-player game, thus free from trolls and griefers like other online games, making it a wholesome chill-out experience. There's no real explanation as to why someone would make an online version of it, but enter Truckersmp -- where E-truckers can try to enjoy the features of the single-player mode whenever they manage to avoid its online features.

So how exactly does someone troll in a goddamn trucking simulator? Well, it's pretty simple. Since the Euro Truck devs clearly weren't counting on the existence of griefers in such a game, they didn't really program the Mad Mad: Fury Road grade collisions that would be necessary to make this game work. 

Merely getting tapped by a different player's truck is likely to send your Euro truck diving like a Euro soccer player.

SCS Software
If you add a ball, this just becomes a FIFA game. 

And yeah, we specifically mentioned your truck because the perpetrator usually seems to be the one who always gets away scot-free.

SCS Software
SCS Software
The fact that they didn't assume crashing would be the first thing players would try is actually sort of sweet ... Ignorant, but sweet.

Death Stranding Players Left Stranded To Die

Death Stranding turned the Dark Souls' "invade other players' session to make their game even harder" formula upside down by instead inviting players to help each other to make beating the game feel like the result of unprecedented teamwork. Death Stranding trolls turned this formula on itself by ... just making it go right back to being Dark Souls.

Death Stranding players give others a hand by leaving behind ladders or by building real-life community infrastructures like roads or alien-energy-powered rope slides. Unfortunately for players, fortunately for readers, trolls found out that through a bit of work, parking their vehicles in a position that blocks the progress of other players is something that they can totally do.

Sony Interactive Entertainment
With the word "parking" doing almost as much leg work here as the player.

Imagine walking through most of the map's area for literal hours ... only to find an immovable car crashed into the door you're supposed to go through.

Sony Interactive Entertainment
It's almost as bad as playing Death Stranding as intended.

MacGyver-ing The Hell Out Of Apex Legends

One of the things Apex Legends has going for it is its playable roster's specific set of abilities. It's a team game, so players are supposed to combine their abilities to achieve the best possible outcome. However, some players are so creative that they come up with ways to humiliate their enemies to death.

These two players used their special abilities, a spy drone meant to be harmless and a supposedly fixed turret, and merged them to create what's basically an attack plane. No one designed these to work together, and obviously, the result is an absurdly hilarious and unfair advantage.

EA Games
Now all you need is a mod that plays "Flight of the Valkyries."

And that's just one of the various ridiculous combos, with another being sticking noxious barrels to a friend's shield.

EA Games
As many as you need, don't be shy.

Or, if you're too toxic to have teammates, why not fill a toilet with awesome loot, then just use the gas barrels to lock players inside until they die evolve into crates.

EA Games
EA Games
Can we call this "Elvis-ing", or is it still too soon?

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Top image: Sony Interactive Entertainment, EA Games

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