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Why Modern War FPS Games All Look the Same [CHART]

As we've pointed out before, the gaming industry is out of ideas, and the modern war FPS is probably the best place to go for proof. To truly get a handle on the system while making us all billionaires, we figured out the formula behind the game development process. It wasn't that hard, actually.


5 Things from the 70s We Want Back

Make with the quality concept albums.


8 Stupid Amazon Products With Impressively Sarcastic Reviews

Everybody is a comedian these days, and the internet has given them a stage. Maybe the best example is It's very simple: anybody can write a review, on any product, whether they have bought it or not. So it's just a matter of finding a baffling/ridiculous/useless product and watching the internet's sarcasm run wild.


The 8 Most WTF Ideas In the History of Transportation

Invent the next great innovation in transportation technology, and you'll be living in a house made of platinum. The problem, of course, is that your innovation has to actually, you know, work.


7 Insanely Advanced Weapons History Somehow Forgot About

Some ancient weapons were literally centuries ahead of their time yet wound up in the trash when society decided they were simply too awesome for their time.


7 Silver Linings Now That You've Lost Your Job

We present to you the lighter side of being forcibly unemployed. We hope these will help you get on with your life, or at least stop crying in your car.


6 Shocking Ways TV Rewires Your Brain

Watching enough television rewires your brain in a bunch of unexpected ways. The science for it is pretty much overwhelming.


If The Characters from 'Street Fighter 2' Got Hammered

Street Fighter 2 Drunk for Pants.


The Terrifying Next Step in Xbox Kinect Evolution

I left the police station in a cold sweat, and hitchhiked out to the country, where I remain to this day, standing in the middle of an empty field, swinging a huge stick at anything that moves. I know what no man should: My Xbox has become self-aware.


6 Video Game Heroes Made Useless By Supporting Characters

Just because you're the star of your very own video game doesn't automatically mean you deserve the lead role. In most cases, we wish we could control the far-better sidekick instead.


The 5 Hardest, Most Pointless World of Warcraft Achievements

So some achievements are meaningless, and some achievements are insanely difficult. The World of Warcraft developers thought it would be funny to make some that were both. Like these.


7 Planes Perfectly Designed (To Kill The People Flying Them)

Building military aircraft is really, really hard. Sometimes, though, they just sort of slap something together and send the pilot off to die.


5 Creepy Ways Humans Are Plunging Into the Uncanny Valley

What is the uncanny valley? Something that's horrifying and happening right now.


6 Ways 'Fallout: New Vegas' Made Me a Worse Person

I started one of these 'realistic' games, and vowed to play it as if it were really me in there. My traits, my habits, my morals. Along the way, I learned some things. Horrible, scarring things that I wish I could now deny. Such as:


7 Real Suits That Will Soon Make the World A Cooler Place

It would be wrong to say that these suits are an extension of the man. It is an extension of what the man dreams of becoming, and I for one dream of becoming invincible.