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6 Shockingly Affordable Sci-Fi Inventions

Who would ever deny you a loan to get one of these?


5 Aerial Battles That Put 'Top Gun' To Shame

The most badass things ever done in, or to, a fighter jet.


8 WTF Aircraft Designs That Actually Caught Air

Aircraft designers can think outside the box just like everybody else. And what's most surprising of all is that all of the insane designs herein actually flew, with varying degrees of success.


5 Projects You Won't Believe the US Government Is Working On

The mad inventor from the James Bond movies, Q, is real. Only there are lots of him, and they have a lot more money at their disposal.


6 Technologies Conspicuously Absent from Sci-Fi Movies

To make sci-fi stories work, the writers often have to add completely arbitrary and pointless limitations to whatever futuristic technology turns up. But in the name of plot and drama, they sometimes wind up giving the people of the distant future gear that doesn't even work as well as ours does now, in the boring old present.


The 8 Worst Types of Blog on the Internet

But time passed, and the bloggers started getting worn out, tired with the hectic pace of updating multiple times a day. They began writing longer posts that appeared less frequently, eventually shape-shifting into a MILF-ish group whom we now call the Cracked Columnists. By late 2008, the Cracked Blog was dead, a loss which would soon rattle the w


6 Pieces of Office Equipment (For the Incredibly Paranoid)

For those who envision office-wide knife fights or think the lunch room is the most likely Ground Zero in the upcoming robot-zombie apocalypse, rest assured certain entrepreneurs have stepped forward to meet your needs.


4 Inexplicably Huge Internet Trends

every time I feel like I've finally encountered every bizarre, dedicated fan forum, every pointless meme, and every inexplicable fetish site, I'll stumble onto something new that completely throws me for a loop.


Something Called Science Claims the Internet Makes Us Dumb

A new study has shown that our mental abilities may be deteriorating thanks to the easy access we have to online search engines. Bits of knowledge that we intuitively know will be available via Google or wikipedia (pornography and lists of Rainbow Brite episodes, respectively) don't get remembered, and instead essentially get replaced with mental l


6 Scientific Reasons Social Networks Are Bad for Society

Some smart people decided to study social networks, and found that they're a bigger threat to society than Skynet. At least the rise of those machines forced us to band together and do things.


The Smartphone Owner's Paradox [COMIC]

Sometimes you can love your smart phone too much.


6 Mind-Blowing Discoveries Made Using Google Earth

Since Google Earth hit the Web in 2005, besides instantly turning all office desk globes into decorative accessories, it has opened the world up to global exploration at the click of a mouse. But it's not just a neat toy; some extraordinary things have been discovered with its one-click access to satellite imagery.


The Lunatic's Guide to Hacking Into Anyone's Voicemail

A simple steel headed fire axe is capable of hacking into many things


5 Seemingly Innocent Ways You Risk Your Identity Every Day

We tend to think of identity theft as a crime perpetrated exclusively on stupid people. Sure, you don't fall for that Nigerian prince schtick and you don't send your login information to ‘official’ emails that misspell ‘PayPal.’ Well, you'd best take a slice of humble pie, because there are lots of things that you do every day, that you're