20 Actors Hiding In Movies And Shows

The Iron Giant has a lot in common in with wooden aliens.
20 Actors Hiding In Movies And Shows

Even without seeing their faces, there are some famous voices that are just totally unmistakable. Just guys who you know are That Guys. Y'know guys like Samuel L. Jackson, James Gandolfini, Kiefer Sutherland -- you hear them and know instantly. Plus, every Pixar movie practically roles out a Who's Who of A- and B- listers to voice your kids' new favorite characters. Working voiceover actors just have to deal with it, we guess. 

Except that's not always true, and you've probably missed all three of those guys we mentioned earlier -- along with some other famous faces -- in some pretty big roles. Not always animated, either! From blockbusters to video games to commercials, celebrities! They're just like us…in that they love a good paycheck. Celebs have taken some truly brizarre roles, and sometimes they disappear into them so thoroughly we can't find them even when we're looking for them. Roles such as ...

You might have heard of a cat movie called Keanu. The cat is actually voiced by Keanu Reeves. Reeves initially declined the role, but changed his mind
Craig, Daniel Craig is one of the most recognized faces in film. Yet he appeared in one of the biggest films of the decade, without showing his face.
Vin Diesel is known for his speed, his fury, and his shiny head. Speaking of which, he was the voice of the Iron Giant. The 1999 sci-fi comedy/drama a
James Avery was the Fresh Prince's Uncle Phil. But he also terrorized the turtles, as Shredder. Avery spent six years playing the straight man to Will
William Daniels was a beloved teacher on Boy Meets World. And he schooled the Hoff as a talking car. Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny, was the voice of
Oscar winner J.K. Simmons seems like a tough guy. m He's actually sweet. And chocolatey. Simmons, who played neo-Nazi prison leader Vern Schillinger i
Kiefer Sutherland was solid as hell, in 24. And now he's Solid Snake. Not only is Sutherland the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, he also wore fa
Jerry Orbach wasn't having any of your Dirty Dancing. Unless it was as a singing candleabra. Orbach played Baby's father - the one who wanted to keep
You probably remember James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. But he was also a Wild Thing. Gandolfini provided the voice of Carol, Max's monster friend in
lggy Pop is a proto-punk rocker known for his antics. Not as well-known: His appearance on Star Trek. In 1998, Iggy played the Vorta Overseer on Star
Samuel L. Jackson is a commanding presence on film. And in GTA, he's commandingly evil. Jackson voices Officer Tenpenny, the central villain in Grand
Hugo Weaving has established himself as an icon of stoicism. But there was a time when he 8I was fabulous. Before his turns as Agent Smith and Elrond,
Howie Mandel went from stand-up goofball to game show host. And he was a gremlin along the way. Specifically, Howie was the voice of Gizmo, the adorab
Gary Oldman played Harry Potter's godfather Sirius Black. He's also Spyro's mentor, lgnitus. Oldman has voiced many other video game characters includ
Liev Schreiber is incredibly macho as Victor Creed. But sometimes, he's decidedly less masculine. Liev Schreiber played Vetty von Vilma in Taking Wood
George Clooney is a megastar, plain and simple. And he also starred as Sparky, on South Park. So why would Clooney take time away from doing star stuf
Warwick Davis is behind some adorable fantasy characters. And at least one terrifying one. You probably know Davis as Willow, Wicket the Ewok, Profess
Carlos Alazraqui played an angry racist on Reno 911! But on Nickelodeon, he was an affable wallaby. Alazraqui is best known for his role as Deputy Jam
David Hyde Pierce spent 11 years out-Frasiering Kelsey Grammer. And he also played Hellboy's fussy counterpart. Pierce supplied the voice of Abe Sapie
Fergie's voice is www.s a big part of the Black-eyed Peas. And it used to be a big part of Peanuts. When she was nine, Fergie voiced Sally in two clas

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