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14 Horrifying Accidents You Won't Believe People Escaped

Thanks to the Internet, we've learned that we live in a world of full of ordinary people with genitals too big for their pants.


5 Viral Stories That Had Insane Twists After We All Moved On

There are plenty of viral sensations that took a screeching turn onto the Ohshitville Expressway shortly after we all shared them on Facebook and then promptly forgot about them.


19 Impossibly Badass Do-It-Yourself Projects

Remember back in the day when, even with the instructions, you couldn't build that Lego set? But there was that jerk who could just do it by looking at the box? Fast-forward to today, where IKEA is giving you all sorts of hell, and that kid now builds stupid awesome gadgets.


5 Laws Everyone Would Hate (That the World Needs Anyway)

We aren't always happy about laws, but life requires rules and regulations, lest everything devolve into chaos and anarchy.


22 Eerily Plausible Conspiracy Theories (We Just Made Up)

Yes, we made these up. None of them are true. (Or are they?)


2 New Shirts for Thor, Tesla, and 'Neverending Story' Fans

Fall's coming, which means Halloween's coming, which means it's almost the perfect season for appreciating dark, badass fantasy.


5 Ridiculous Myths About Air Travel You Probably Believe

his column's going to read like a goddamn paid advertisement for the airline industry, but this is what it's come to thanks to humankind.


26 Dramatic Movies They'll Make About Modern History

If there's anything Hollywood does really well, it's making movies based on actual events that are almost completely B.S.


7 Important Details Nobody Mentions About Ferguson

That business down in #Ferguson sure is Loonytown USA right now, yeah?


The 21 Stupidest Things Ever Said by Powerful People

The great Uncle Ben once said, 'With great power, comes great responsibility.' Some famous folks didn't get that memo, though.


5 Insane Things I Learned as a Foreign Aid Worker

Mark Hipwood spent 15 years providing medical aid to isolated villages in the Pacific Islands. Cracked sat down with him to learn the pains, pitfalls, frustrations, and reams of B.S. that go along with trying to make the world a better place.


4 Deceptively Difficult Jobs Everyone Thinks They Can Do

Let's talk about a few of those 'jobs that aren't really jobs' that almost everyone assumes they can do.


24 Things the CIA Is (Probably) Keeping From Us

Dear CIA, if any of these turn out to be correct, don't shoot the messenger. Send your operatives to the houses of our readers.


4 Apocalyptic Scenarios You'd Probably Survive

If 'the big one' does hit sometime soon, there's a decent chance you'll come out the other side just fine.