Surprisingly Resourceful Ways Companies Are Handling All This

There's pivoting, and then there's whatever this is.
Surprisingly Resourceful Ways Companies Are Handling All This

Business campaigns can be clumsy and lack innovation at times. Customers are "surprised and delighted" when they receive unexpected surprises from companies they like. If you're going to try it, be inventive as well as make sure the surprise is consistent with the company brand. Oh, and perhaps avoid the clowns.

We use a plethora of software and systems every hour of each day, from ordering pizza to reserving inexpensive hotels, all of which are accessible at our fingertips. Have you ever considered who came up with this concept and also had the bravery to make it into reality, not to mention develop its vision into a multi-billion-dollar business?

Most of these businesses were the result of well-thought-out and realized concepts, while others came about by chance. You'll be astounded at how creatively these businesses used resources to build their empires!

Like the rest of us, businesses are trying to figure out how to adjust to this circumstance on the go. And in some circumstances, what they're doing is completely absurd and/or unexpected.

Things like:

CRACKEDO POLICG Cord 5563 Ford is equipping its cop cars with germ-killing heaters. Its new SUVs for police forces will come with the ability to raise
Source: CNN
CRACKEDCO A Michigan jewelry store now stocks canned goods. Krautheim & Swanson Gemworks is now also selling beans, soup, and tomato sauce, sO they ca
Source: An Amsterdam restaurant is putting guests in greenhouses. Every table is in its private greenhouse, and waiters serve meals on long boards
Source: CNN
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