Overlooked News Stories That Deserve Some Attention

Overlooked News Stories That Deserve Some Attention

It seems like the world is in a perpetual state of crisis, and basically everything is changing. It's easy to think that the news is all doom and gloom, just war and chaos and nonsense. And sure, those things are happening. But that doesn't mean everything else has stopped. A ton of important or funny developments have unrolled, we promise, they've just gotten buried. Look, we totally understand how easy it is to overlook things. There are video games to be played, dinner to be cooked, and rugs to be vacuumed. You can't keep up with everything all the time. That's why we're here to highlight some wild stuff. 

Did you know France just elected its first transgender mayor? We bet you didn't! Did you know that elephants are really easy to get drunk, and they love getting drunk? We bet you didn't! All of that, plus 10 fascinating factoids here:

YOU CAN NOW FLY JETS NO MATTER HOW TALL YOU ARE. 0002 437 AN 3IS Until now, USAF pilots had to be 5'4 to 6'5 tall. People outside that range had to
Source: CNN
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