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Two Black Men Were Kicked Out Of Walmart By Police For Wearing Facemasks

The real pandemic just might be stupidity.


Forget Waffle House Waffle Mix, It's Gone

Waffle House's Waffle Mix sold out online real quick.


Comic Books Are Getting Totally Boned Right Now

(Insert morose Kryptonite pun here.)


God Save The Queen: The Boeing 747 Is Quietly Retiring

It's a sad retirement for the Queen of the Skies, made sadder by the fact that we didn't get to fully prepare for it.


Traffic Is Light, So One Guy Took Advantage To Drive Like A Maniac

Here's a guy who has used social distancing to make a million dollars disappear in the blink of an eye.


Pharma Bro Wants A Crack At This (And Out Of Prison)

What is this, some kind of Shkreli Squad?


Idiots Are Risking It All Right Now For Cigarettes

Tobacco is getting people to do some pretty stupid things right now.


News That's Overshadowed Right Now

We've been keeping an eye on the news.


The White House Briefings Are Beyond Useless

The White House Press briefings leave more questions unanswered than the Lost finale.


For The Love Of God, Can We Just Legalize Weed Now?

Shouldn't we just legalize weed already?


Cell Tower Conspiracy Theory Is A Doozy

This might be the new champion of dumb conspiracy theories.


Industries Left In Shambles By All This

Not every one is getting a bail out.


Bill De Blasio Is The Dumbest Man In NYC

When it comes to dealing with the coronavirus Bill de Blasio has been a one-man three stooges routine.