20 Trivia Nuggets Panned From The Mother Lode Of Life

The term “plastic surgery” predates the invention of plastic.
20 Trivia Nuggets Panned From The Mother Lode Of Life

It is hard to enjoy this list of interesting facts without thinking that I'm a bit weird. And if you think that's weird, it's probably true. But that doesn't matter. Because you're weird too. Facts are odd. If you don't believe me, just consider the fact that there are facts about the fact that facts are odd. This is a collection of facts and other things that may or may not be facts. Some of them are more or less important than others. The fact that facts are odd is actually not a fact, but it's very important. If you're reading this on a tablet or phone, just keep the fact that facts are odd in mind and the rest of these facts may make a bit more sense. This list of was compiled from the memories of people who may not have been entirely sober at the time. As such, it may be best to keep it far away from small children.

Roman slaves had iron dog collars.

Roman slaves wore iron collars with messages like a modern dog collar. CRACKED.COM One reads: I have run away; hold me. When you shall have re- turned me to my mas- ter, Zoninus, you will receive a solidus.


Simple names were too much for 16th-century Puritans.

Late 16th-century Puritan communities in Southern Britain saw common names as too worldly. GRACKED COM They opted to name chil- dren with bizarre strings of religious slogans, such as Jesus-Christ-came-in- to-the-world- to-save, and Job-raked-out- of-the-ashes.


Jerry Falwell swindled the wrong mother of a computer nerd.

A man in the '80s programmed his Atari computer to make thousands of calls to Jerry Falwell. CRACKED.COM The calls to Falwell's toll-free number would hang up and call again, every 30 seconds, amounting to over $500,000 in phone bills to Falwell's organization.


A band made $20,000 on Spotify for a completely silent album.

American funk band Vulfpeck released a completely silent album on Spotify. ZZEL ZZZEF ZZZZPP ZZZZZIE .... L GRACKED.COM Sleepify was a collection of ten, roughly 30 second long tracks of silence that the band asked fans to play on repeat as they slept. They earned $20,000 in royalties before Spotify closed the loophole.


Stress can trigger Psychosocial Dwarfism.

Stress can cause a child to temporarily stop growing. XXXXXXXXX CRACKED.COM Psychosocial dwarfism is a condition where a child can stop growing due to an extremely stressful envi- ronment. It can cause the body to completely stop growing but it is generally temporary.


The band Greeeen has never shown their face.

There is a Japanese rock band made up of anonymous dentists. GReeeex CRACKED.COM The band members of Greeeen have never shown their faces in public and their identi- ties are still unknown to protect their den- tistry careers.


Plastic surgery has nothing to do with plastic.

The term plastic surgery predates plastic. CRACKED.COM Plastic surgery was coined in 1839, 70 years before plastic was even invented. It comes from the Greek word plastik which means sculpting and has nothing to do with plastic.


The ancient Egyptians smelled great.

Ancient Egyptians invented several forms of early deodorant. NATURAL = CRACKED.COM This included cones made out of scented grease that was worn on top of the head. As the grease melt- ed, it ran in cooling, fra- grant trails down the per- son's face and body.


The Model T could be bought for the equivalent of $3,600.

The Model T debuted in 1909 for $825. Ford TIME BM -18 AP ... CRACKED.COM Thanks to increasing production efficiency, its price lowered nu- merous times, bottom- ing out at $260 - the equivalent of around $3600 today.

NY Daily News

The movie “Selma” had speeches written in the style of MLK, not real speeches he gave.

Steven Spielberg has the sole film rights to all of MLK's speeches, which he bought in 2009. CRACKED.COM In the movie Selma, Ava DuVernay wrote speeches that were plausible, but differ- ent enough to avoid a copyright battle.


History exams were canceled in the Soviet Union after increased government transparency.

Increased government transparency in the Soviet Union revealed that their textbooks were filled with lies. GRACKED.COM The Soviet Govern- ment canceled all fi- nal history examina- tions for elementary and high school stu- dents in 1988

NY Times

Poop on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford will be vaporized.

All poop generated aboard US Navy's newest aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford will be vaporized by plasma. CRACKED.COM The Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS) being used will treat all combusti- ble solid waste gener- ated on board the ship.


Mercury has a tail made of sodium.

The planet Mercury has a tail, like a comet. CRACKED.COM Mercury's thin atmo- sphere contains small amounts of so- dium that glow when excited by light from the Sun.


A slapstick was an actual stick used in the theater.

The term Slapstick Comedy comes from the two pieces of wood that made a slapping sound. CRACKED.COM Commedia Dell'arte in 16th-century Italy used a slapstick consisting of two thin slats of wood, which made a slap when striking another actor, with little force needed to make a loud and comical sound.


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