20 Highly Elevated Facts That Really Topped Our Sea Level

20 Highly Elevated Facts That Really Topped Our Sea Level

It has been my observation that there is nothing people enjoy in this list of interesting facts so much as I have enjoyed the process of creating it. It has made me smile, sometimes even laugh aloud, on numerous occasions. And, to my great delight, it has made me seem intelligent to many who have come to read it. I can't help but wonder how many of you have ever felt the need to be told a “list of interesting facts.” If you do, then this list will give you great pleasure, for I assure you that there is not one boring fact in it. I am certain that it will be enjoyable to you as it has been to me. I enjoy this list of interesting facts more than almost anything else I've ever done or seen. I hope that it will make you smile and perhaps even laugh out loud a few times. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Students greased a set of train tracks to force a rival football team to walk miles out of their way.

In 1896, Auburn students greased the train tracks leading in and out of the local station. CRACKED COM When Georgia Tech's train came into town, it skidded through town and didn't stop for five more miles. The GT football team had to make the trek back to town, then went on to lose, 45-0.

The War Eagle Reader

Movie Lara Croft wore a padded bra to look like video game Lara Croft.

Angelina Jolie had to wear bra padding in the first Tomb Raider movie to match the video game character. CRACKED.COM Jolie wore considerably less or no padding in the sequel, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, as the decision was made to give Lara more realistic dimensions.

E Online

Warner Bros. made Looney Tunes to promote their music.

'Looney Tunes' started off as a way for Warner Bros. to promote their music catalog. LOONEY REG TUNES PAT.OFF. U.S. CRACKED.COM The title of the first Looney Tunes short, 'Sinkin' in the Bathtub (1930)', is a pun on 'Singin' in the Bathtub,' a song written in 1929 for the film The Show of Shows.

Of Mice and Magic

Chloe Grace Moretz auditioned for ‘Hugo’ with a fake British accent.

Chloe Grace Moretz faked a British accent when she auditioned for her role in 'Hugo! CRACKED.COM Moretz heard that Martin Scorsese was looking to cast a Brit- ish actress. When she got the part, she had to come clean.

The Fuss

A doctor wore a mask to remain anonymous giving a speech about homosexuality.

A doctor in a rubber mask was vital to getting homosexuality off the list of mental disorders. CRACKED.COM Dr. John Fryer of Philadel- phia appeared at the 1972 APA convention wearing a (somewhat terrifying) rub- ber mask to deliver a speech about the hard- ships of being a psychia- trist and gay.

Philly Voice

Ramin Djawadi was finding his ‘Game of Thrones’ theme while working on ‘Iron Man.’

An early version of the Game of Thrones theme can be found on the soundtrack to the first 'Iron Man! CRACKED.COM 18 seconds into 'Mark Il' you can hear composer Ramin Djawadi wrestling with the notes that will three years later become part of the Game of Thrones tune.

Iron Man OST

Cosby gave back a car that the next owner drove off a cliff.

Bill Cosby gave back a custom AC Cobra Supersnake because he couldn't control it. CRACKED.COM American automotive de- signer Carroll Shelby gave Cosby the car in 1966, but it was too fast for him. The next owner lost control and drove it off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.

Barret Jackson

Kate Winslet’s “Best Actress” Oscar is kept in the bathroom.

Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar in the bathroom. CRACKED.COM Winslet won the Best Ac- tress Oscar in 2009 for The Reader, and keeps it so that her guests can hold it and make acceptance speeches in the mirror without feeling self-conscious.


Navy trainees shouted “Bang!” instead of firing live rounds.

The Royal Navy saved £5 million by having personnel shout bang instead of firing live rounds during training. 037 CRACKED.COM The practice was con- demned by lain Duncan Smith, the Shadow De- fense Secretary, saying the procedure called into question the quality of their training.


An engineer saw Jesus and abruptly quit.

An aeronautics engineer visited all 238 countries compiling a list of religions. S حت CRACKED COM David Barrett resigned abruptly after seeing a vi- sion of Jesus, and spent 40 years single-handedly com- piling the only complete list of Earth's 10,000 religions and 33,830 denominations of Christianity.


A lawyer accidentally shot and killed himself proving that his client was innocent.

A lawyer shot himself demonstrating how the victim might have accidentally shot himself. GRACKED.COM Clement Vallandigham, a lawyer and Ohio politician defending a man accused of murder, had his client cleared in 1871 by his first-hand demonstration. Vallandigham died 12 hours later.


Lead was used to weigh down the severed head to claim a large bounty.

An ancient Roman politician had a bounty put on his head based on the head's weight in gold. CRACKED.COM Although the head of Gai- us Gracchus was delivered, the prize was never paid, as it was discovered that Gaius' captor had emptied out his brain and replaced it with molten lead.

Imperium Romanum

The hosts of ‘Top Gear’ faked an electric car breakdown.

'Top Gear' staged breakdowns of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster, making them seem unviable. CRACKED.COM The cars were driven in loops, for miles, until their batteries were drained. The hosts then staged a breakdown during a 60 mile journey, declaring that electric cars are not the future.


Astronauts almost rode motorcycles on the Moon.

NASA considered using motorcycles on the moon as a simpler alternative to the Lunar Rover. CRACKED.COM It was a backup method in case the Lunar Roving Vehicle, the LRV collo- quially known as the Moon Buggy, wasn't ready in time for the mission's launch.


Ultraman is a Superman that snorts Kryptonite.

An evil alternate version of Superman crushes up Kryptonite and snorts it. CRACKED.COM Ultraman first appeared in 1964, with the stan- dard powers of a Kryp- tonian, only he is em- powered by green Kryp- tonite and is weakened by yellow sunlight.

DC Fandom

Jesus Christ is officially the king of Poland.

Jesus Christ is officially the king of Poland. XC CRACKED COM Christ was officially crowned the king of Ро- land after a vote in the Polish parliament in 2016, with thousands of true believers attending the November coronation.


Orcas Island’s name is just a coincidence.

The name of Orcas Island, famous for its resident pods of orcas, was a coincidence. CRACKED.COM The island was actually named after Horcasitas, the Viceroy of Mexico, who sponsored an expedition there in 1791. Whereas the animal name orca origi- nated in Ancient Rome.

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