20 Now-You-Know Facts

20 Now-You-Know Facts

I enjoy this list of interesting facts about the world because it is so often the case that facts can be boring. Like all good comedy, the truth is more surprising when it is made to appear otherwise. So enjoy this list. It has been put together to entertain you and to educate you at the same time. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I do not have any degrees in anthropology, psychology, or anything similar. But I did take a statistics class in college, and I love numbers and data and trivia and the way that they are presented. The reason for that is because numbers are interesting, and they can make boring things seem exciting. I'm sure that everyone has a different list of interesting facts. That is not the purpose of this list. This is mine. But if you think I missed an interesting fact about the world, let me know! I might add it to my list.

Lobster bellies are tough.

The underbelly membrane of lobsters is as tough as industrial rubber. CRACKED.COM It is the toughest material of all natural hydrogels, includ- ing collagen, animal skins, and natural rubber. The membrane is about as strong as the rubber used to make car tires, garden hoses, and conveyor belts.


“Pretty Woman” was going to be a lot darker before Disney came in.

The original ending of Pretty Woman was much darker. CRACKED COM Originally titled 3,000, the movie ended with Julia Rob- erts' character being tossed out of a limo into a dirty alley and thrown $3,000 in cash. The screenplay changed when Disney took over pro- duction.

USA Today

The Hulk’s pants are a mystery even to Stan Lee.

Not even Stan Lee knew how the Hulk's pants stay on. CRACKED.COM Lee liked to work science into all of his stories, but the Hulk's miraculous inde- structible pants were the only time he never had a clue how the exact science behind it worked.


Iceland is part of Europe and North America.

Iceland is split between the Eurasian and North American plate. CRACKED.COM Although Iceland is considered political- ly as part of Europe, it is geographically North American and European at the same time.

Fun Iceland

“Close Encounters” was almost lead by Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen was offered the leading role of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. CRACKED.COM McQueen declined since he couldn't cry on cue. Steven Spiel- berg offered to remove the scene but McQueen said it was the best part of the film.


Anderson Cooper interviewed students in Myanmar after forging a press pass.

Anderson Cooper launched his journalist career by forging a press pass. CRACKED.COM After college, Cooper forged a pass and gained entrance to Myanmar to meet with students fight- ing the Burmese govern- ment. Не ultimately sold his home-made news seg- ments to Channel One.

Media Bistro

‘Chile’ was misspelled on their own coin.

No one noticed Chile misspelled their own name on their 50 peso coins. CRACKED.COM Chile printed a number of 50 peso coins in 2008 that misspelled the name of their country as Chiie. No one noticed until 2009, at which point the director of the Mint lost his job.

Coin Week

iTunes deducted “packaging” and other fees in digital royalties.

Eminem sued iTunes for deductions on digital download royalties. CRACKED.COM In the early days of iTunes, Universal Music Group deducted artist's iTunes royalties for costs such as packaging and breakages on digital downloads.

Huffington Post

A drunk gunman fired a hole in the Alaskan pipeline.

A drunk person shot a hole in the Alaskan oil pipeline. 562 CRACKED.COM Clean up involved digging ditches and holes to cap- ture the oil, which was be- ing vacuumed into trucks. Daniel Carson Lewis had to pay for the $17 million cleanups and received 16 years in jail.

Juneau Empire

“Peter Pan’s” copyright never expires.

Peter Pan is the only UK copyright that has been extended in perpetuity. CRACKED.COM This means Great Or- mond Street Hospital can receive royalties forever. This has earned it the name The Copyright which never grows up.

UK Legislation

Pill bugs eat metals in the soil.

Roly Polies help decompose metal in the soil. GRACKED COM They are capable of taking in heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead, and cadmium and crystallize these into spherical deposits in the midgut.


City birds “rap.”

Birds living in cities perform a type of avian rap that their rural counterparts don't. GRACKED.COM City birds also sing at a higher pitch and will try out different song types. Experts say city birds have adapted to counter back- ground noise and increase their chances of finding a mate.


Fireworks are illegal in Florida, but are still sold in large quantities.

Fireworks are totally illegal in Florida but are sold to ordinary people in huge quantities. CRACKED.COM Hundreds of stores across the state sell to anyone who signs a waiver saying they are for agricultural use to scare birds away from crops.

Tampa Bay Times

The first bank robbery almost went off without a hitch.

America's First Bank Robbery was nearly the perfect crime. DAY GRACKED.COM $162,821 ($3.8 million to- day) had been taken from vaults of the Bank of Penn- sylvania in 1798. The cul- prit Isaac Davis was caught because he deposited the money back into the same bank.

Carpenters Hall

Butt plugs were sold to cure insanity in the late nineteenth century.

Butt plugs were sold as a cure for insanity. CRACKED.COM Dr. Young, of Dr. Young's Ide- al Rectal Dilators, wrote claiming that at least three-fourths of all the howling maniacs of the world were curable in a few weeks' time by the applica- tion of orificial methods.

Medical News

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