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Why You Don’t Hear Nirvana in More Movies

They simply did too good of a job of defining an era.


What The Falkor Is This Music Video?

If you thought tobacco the product was out to ruin childhoods, just wait until you hear TOBACCO the musician.


'Under Pressure' Was a Wild 24-Hour Improvised Coke Bender

In other words, it was a perfectly average Queen and/or Bowie party.


The Bizarre (And Terrible) Singing Career Of Clint Eastwood

Sometimes actors can sing ... sometimes they can't.


How Do You Fix A Racist Ice Cream Truck Jingle? Call RZA

This banger is anything but vanilla.


Thousands Of Maskless Motorcyclists Risk Their Health For ... Smash Mouth?

Our world's on fire, and these guys are making it worse.


America Isn't Ready For A Eurovision-Style Contest

Not enough pomp, too much circumstance.


Goodbye American TikTok, We Hardly Knew Ye

A roundup of an absurd experiment in youth culture.


Lana Del Rey's Album Of Spoken Word Poetry Is ... Not Good

Hopefully, this will be the tipping point that forces us all to acknowledge that this lady is nothing more than 35-year-old edgelord


Drake's New Arabic Accent Misfires Hilariously

Someone needs to go back to Duolingo and start over.


Behold, Donald Glover's Lost, Hilarious TV Show Theme Songs

This truly is the darkest timeline.


Black Creators Who Got Their Material Stolen

How ballsy do you have to be to steal two songs from one artist and put it on the same album?


‘Baby Got Back' Has a Surprising Anti-Violence Message

It actually has a message that a lot of people were kicking around in 1992 ...


Some People Want A New National Anthem; We Have Some Suggestions

Take off your hat and stand proud. The Top Gun theme is playing.


The Bonkers Beef Of The 'Boyz-n-the-Hood' Wikipedia Page

Bless those weird corners of the Internet.