37 Unexpected Tidbits About the Music Industry

Turns out, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ is actually a vampire love song
37 Unexpected Tidbits About the Music Industry

Unless you’re in the music business or really serious about your tunes, you’re probably just mindlessly putting your playlist on shuffle and bopping along, not thinking much about the songs you’re listening to. But there’s a lot going on behind the glitzy veneer of pop music that most of us don’t notice. 

While “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” is most associated with its performer Aaliyah, the song was written by a man who is likely the last adult you’d want hanging out with an underage Aaliyah. Despite being called “Born in the USA” and played at many political rallies from coast to coast, Bruce Springsteen’s song isn’t exactly as patriotic as many believe it to be. And when Axl Rose sings “where do we go now?” in “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” it turns out he’s really asking that question because the Guns N’ Roses lead singer didn’t know what to do next with the song.

Here are 37 facts that caught us off-guard about some of the music we listen to on a daily basis…

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