33 Pop-Music Facts Now Spinning in Our Brains

And now they’re stuck in our heads
33 Pop-Music Facts Now Spinning in Our Brains

Is there anything more annoying than getting a little bit of a song stuck in your head? It’s usually not the whole thing in its entirety, just a couple of bars or lyrics, the chorus or the bridge. Sometimes it’s not even a song that you like, just an irresistible earworm that you find yourself humming in the shower or in your car — and you’re just stuck with it living inside of your brain until it decides to pass.

Still, as annoying as it can be, isn’t there something magical about pop music’s ability to do this? Is there another art form or piece of pop culture that has the ability to just claim squatter’s rights in your gray matter? 

Below are a bunch of facts about some of our favorite pop songs. Sorry in advance if find them stuck in your head afterwards…

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