37 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Music

37 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Music

Music! Can’t live with it (wow, there are a lot of famous musicians that turn out to be creepy and scummy huh?), can’t live without it (like we’re going to dance in silence – what is this, the 1920s?). Music might be the most universal art and cultural form – anybody alive can get down to a funky groove. It can communicate colors and feelings in sound – it really is amazing just how much can be done with music.

But of course, like we pondered just a moment ago, there’s a lot of bad apples in the music world. There’s also some very questionable lyrics, from creepy to “oh wow, that is not what I thought it was about at all.”

Forget whatever you thought “I Shot the Sheriff” was about because it's probably not what you think. According to Bob Marley's girlfriend, the song was inspired by their fights over birth control. Today we'll take a look at that and 36 other facts and tidbits about the music industry: 

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